Sunday, December 27, 2009

bigmoneyptc a scam or not

Big money ptc is a scam website. i got scammed by this website. apart from myself you can see a lot of scam report about this website. i reached my payout but they didn't pay me my money.i would like to give you more and more information why this website is a scam.
1. Too High Pay Per Click Rate- you might be on other PTC sites. But no one is paying 1$ per click. then how this website is claiming to pay this much money for a single click. they promise a lot that you will earn a lot of money by that website.
2. No Forum For Discussion- there is forum in each and every legit paying PTC sites but you won't see any forum bigmoneyptc site.So, no users of this website can interact with each others on site.
3.Big Money for Sign up- they claim that they will pay 10$ when you sign up which is too much. bigmoneyptc is showing payment proof in their sites. i would like to show them here.
You can see that they are claiming that they have paid this much money. but they are not showing their erased email id.

4. information about the account holder on website about bigmoneyptc-
Domain Name:

Registrar: ENOM, INC.
Whois Server:
Referral URL:
Status: clientTransferProhibited

Expiration Date: 2010-05-02
Creation Date: 2009-05-02
Last Update Date: 2009-06-26

Name Servers:
See DNS Records

Information Updated: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 13:58:45 UTC

5. on websites i could find these links where bigmoneyptc was reported as a scam.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Upload file and share it on blog

I have lot of tricks how to make you visitors to come to your website or blog again and again. if you have a blog related to latest songs, latest photos, e-books, some file sharing blog or website. then you will have to upload your file some where on internet. there are lot of services you will find about uploading file on website. but today i could find one website named uploading file. i could see it is working very easily. if you don't sign up even then you can upload up to some limitation and can get you link of that uploaded file. Just put the link on your blog. Visitors wanted to download that file will click on it. it will increase the faith of your blog visitors to come to you again and again. i hope you might have understood a lot of things.
please see one song that i have uploaded in that website
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

awsurvey a scam or not

1. This website is about doing survey.  if you do survey they DON"T pay you via paypal or alertpay. they never pay any one any money dear.
2.They promise 1.25$ each for each referral you refer. And 4$ for one survey. Do you think some one is going to give you 4$ for one survey.
3.Reputation on whole internet is bad.
4.i could hear little bit that some one got paid they are lucky.
My Story With awsurvey scam website
 I joined this survey website when i was begineer and was not knowing about this website. This website was promising a great money via paypal. But awsurvey is promising only on it's website not really in paying money. i could make atleast 70$ on this websiste and after then i tried to log in to awsurevey but it turend me down and could never log in to the website. And my easy earned money remained over there forever in a scam website. After then i started searching a lot about aswsurey is scam or not? I could find a great number of people unsatisfied with this website.
Buzz on internet about awsurvey a scam or not.
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

convert free domain to paid domain

How did you start your blogging? on paid domain or on free domain?
if you have not started then what i will suggest you know?
i will suggest you a free domain first. As at the beginning of your blogging you shall not be able to grab the visitors too much on your blog. As there shall be too much less back linking to your blog. so, start your blog at blogger or wordpress. when you get a good traffic for your blog then convert it to paid domain.After all a paid domain is given a value. you will start making money when you will have paid domain. you will make money by your blogging when you will have paid domain. i will tell you here how to convert your blogspot hosted blog to your paid domain without affecting your page rank of google.
i would like to clear some thing here that when you convert your blog to a paid domain then your previous url address will redirect the user to your new paid domain that is boon for the blogger. ok guys now lest see how to convert your free domain to paid domain on

1.just go to your blog url and click on CUSTOMISE. this button is upper right side of your blog see it in the picture below.

2. Now you can see the option of settings in the left hand side of the top of the blog. click on the setting then on publishing button. see it clearly in the picture clearly here.In publishing section you can change the name of your blog as well or you can buy the domain.Paid domain will increase your income too much in comparison to a free domain.As no one is going to give you value of free domain as you can close your blog any time then why they should waste money on you. so convert your free domain to paid domain.

3. Now you have come to the region to set up domain name. if you don't have domain name then buy it using blogger. See the below picture type you desired domain name like- and click to will lead you to Google Apps domain purchase website. If your domain name will be available then it will proceed to registration of your domain name. Finally for the payment you will be paid using Google checkout. it will be registered with the partner of Google. You can pay using Visa card, Master card, Amex, Cascover.
You'll get a domain registration confirmation email from Google application in your given email id. There will be one link,after clicking the link in this email allows you to sign this domain up for an Apps account. If you want an receipt they will send it.
One limitation that i would will say is that there is no payment method using PAYAPL. i think this will make it more flexible.

4. This was the method how to buy a domain name in Google. But if you already have a domain even then you can convert your blogspot blog to a paid domain. This is going to host your content as before but it will be under new address bar that will be your registered domain name. In FTP publishing you will have to buy domain name and will have to buy space for hosting as well. but we are fortunate that on blogger they are going to host our content without price. Now proceed further.
5. Now you will have register your domain name with any domain name provider. you can see them here. Domain name provider. Hey dear we can use .com, .org ,.info or any valid limitation is that you will have to setup the DNS server in your domain. i will teach you how to setup for DNS. if you buy directly from blogger then they setup automatically.
6.Upadate your DNS settings:-DNS server determines what is the site a given address takes you. Though, we have a domain name but servers should know what to do with it yet. for this work we had to do two work.
(A)- Create a CNAME for the address of your blog. this should be a subdomain of type
The exact procedure for creating CNAME varies depending on your domain registrar, but here you can find instructions for many common registrars here(click on the link). Even then if you have a problem or if you face other difficulties, you can contact your registrar.
(B)- create A NAME for you domain without www in the address bar. it is also called naked domain (

    Creating A records for your naked domain is important as it allows Google to redirect people who use in your naked domain name ( to your blog page ( If you do not do this, visitors who leave off the www will see an error page.
    There are four separate A records you will create, and can be done from the same control panel you accessed your CNAME records. Simply point your naked domain (, without the 'www') to each of the following IP addresses:
you have completed the DNS setting dear now come to next.
you can buy your own domain using paypal on any domain provider. this is one of the freedom i can see in this. but if blogger is going to accept payment via paypal i think a lot of users will directly use it who have no credit card.

Update Your Blogger Settings have a domain name, and the DNS servers know to direct people to Google when they want to see your blog. But Google hosts lots of blogs, so we have to make sure the right one is associated with this domain. You'll do this on the Settings | Publishing tab for your blog in Blogger.



now you will find some text with a link named switch to:custom Domain. click on that link.The Blog*Spot Address setting now changes to Your Domain. Fill in the domain you registered, and then save your settings.

 hip hip hurrah dear now you total set up is complete. Some good news and some bad news i would like to tell you. the most important good news is that your old address with will redirect the visitors to your new own domain. the bad news is that you can't make your blog like this but i think you are interested for this.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

microworkers a scam or not

Microworkers is a place where one person can make good money by doing some simple is not a scam. whoever it is saying that microworkers is scam is not right. i got paid by microworkers so how it can be a scam? i will tell you in detail about this microworkers website.

what is this website made for?

This website is mainly for the person who want to make money online. If some one has knowledge in online job and about some website then they can make money on microworkers.

What is the work on microworkers?

There are lots of work on microworkers. On this microworkers website advertiser will tell you do some work and you will have to complete it within limited period of time. on the tab available jobs just click and find the desired job. just select those job which you can do. if your work efficiency is less than 75% then you will not get job till one month.

what is work efficiency on microworkers?

the work that you could perform perfectly and the work you couldn't do measures the percentage of the work efficiency.

what is the range of payment?

On microworkers an advertiser pay from 0.10$ to 2.0$. your work will be approved within 7 days from the date you have submitted your work.

How you can increase your income?

If you have blog with pr1 and pr2 or even more then you can earn more and more money on the website. You should know about stumbling, digging of a website. advertiser even pay for these works.

How do they pay?

They pay via paypal or by cheque. when your earning will reach to 9$ then you will have to make a payment request. the website owner will send a pin to your address which you will have to verify. after verification they will pay you via paypal.

How to join this website?

Just click the link below and join the website.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

skin care by babor

You must be concerned about your skin. How do you take care of your skin. Do you know what type of skin do you have and what type of care you are taking? if you are not taking a proper care to your skin then you are wasting your money on skin products.But i don't. do you know why?
i know what type of skin i do have. and i know what type of skin care i should use for my skin. i could one find one best product from Babor Skin Care Products. i am using that product and facing no problem till now.I have glowing skin and hope next time, you will find out the type of skin do you have and what Babor Skin Care should be used to glow your skin.

how to win at online roulette

Have you played in online casino to make money? Now people are playing their online casino game to make money online. Do you know the trick how to win in the online roulette game.
when i started playing game in online roulette i was not able to make that much of money. I had to a lot of money but soon i could come to a website called onlineroulette. this website was a boon in my online casino game. i went through this website and could learn a lot about how to make money by casino.
when you will go to onlineroulette you will get a lot of tricks. But one thing is clear that you will start making money step by step and you are not going to be a millionaire in a day. But this website can promise that you can make 100$-125$ per day by taking some tips from this site.
some tips i would like to say that i could learn from the website are:-
don't play emotionally in an online casino. there is a big and nice post on
How to Win at Online Roulette.
You will get online roulette software from this website. In that software you will get tricks and method how to play the game.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

make money online

Thanks reader for your support that i could see that my blog has pr2. i have always shown you right path that how you can make some bucks. Even today i would like to show you how you can make money. if you find it fake then please abuse me on my blog comment.
What is the work on that website?
first question i would like to ask do you have blog on paid domain or on blogspot with at least pr1 and more. if your answer is yes then you can make many more bucks than any other user of this site. you will ask how?
there are advertisers who will ask you to make a post about his website or blog on your blog and they will pay you for that work. But if you don't have blog then where would you write their post. if you don't have blog don't get discouraged dear. But definitely you will earn less than them. you can't do the best job on this site.
What is the name of the website?
click the link below to join the website
How do they pay for your work?

they pay you via paypal, cheque and via money bookers as well.

what is the payout?

9$ is payout of this company for paypal.

Is it open for international user?

yes it is open for international users.

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pay per click more effectively

Only advertising on adword is not going to increase your business but advertising your business before your real customer will increase your business. You might have tried a lot using adword, and yahoo to increase your business. I could find a very expert team that will be very helpful in increasing your business by internet advertising Sydney. This online advertising company advertises on adword and yahoo from your side. They are PPC Management Company. They keep an eye on your click and they will bring the real customers to your website. Thus you would have no waste click and you need not to pay for false click. Your business is going to get more than you pay this company. Apart from your advertisement management they provide SEO tips for your website. That will lead your page to come 1st in the search engine of google. Thus you can say that Online Sales Leads a complete solution for your online business. So, increase your business by attracting more and more customers to your business.

Monday, November 30, 2009

online dating

People are not happy in their life and each and every time they are looking for love and dating. This is the main reason that today online dating site has got popularity. In online dating sites you can meet other people either of your city or of different country. People are becoming lonely these days. We have money we have car but no one to share your sorrow and happiness. They are not able to find true love so they are running behind the dating site. I got chance to meet really good persons on dating sites. All of them had same problem that they are finding true love on this dating site. When you join an online dating site whether it is paid or free you shall be able to search people of different country or of your city. If she got interest in you then she would come to you and will chat with you. It is really very interesting to meet new people online. It becomes very interesting for you when you first chat with unknown persons. You can chat with him and may get chance to meet him in person. It is really very nice to meet new and interesting people on dating site. You can find as per your age women or men. It is totally dependent upon you. Even if you are looking for pair or gay partner then you can find it. It shall be tough for you to find someone on real earth. But by searching on internet and then on real world is so easy one. Don’t you love to meet you loved one? Yes each and every one loves it. So, go for the online dating site and meet new people and be the best friend of his/her throughout the life. I have killed my loneliness by using this online dating site and could meet my dear one from online dating site. You will have great chance to meet people of same interest on this online dating site.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

neobux a scam or not

A very good question dear neobux is a scam or not? could you try to find out the fact about it over internet. i didn't try to believe them about neobux is scam or not but i could find the fact whether neobux is scam or not.
What is this neobux?
As you could find out neobux so you might be knowing it. if not then i am telling you that neobux is PTC website. where you can earn money by clicking the advertisement.
How you can sign up in neobux?
Just click the banner below and join the neobux

How would neobux pay?
neobux pay via paypal. when you reach the minimum payout then on your request they will pay your money to paypal.
what is the click rate?
they pay 0.01$ for one click to one advertisement. if you could see it successfully then they will pay you 0.01$ in your account.
pay rate=0.01$ per advertisement
no of advertisement per day=4 ad per day
per day income=4*.01=0.04$
weekly income=0.04*7=0.28$
monthly income=0.04*30=1.2$
to reach 2$ you need 50days
What is referral program?
when you refer someone then you will be paid if he visit ads. so you can put his banner on your home page so that if you could get some referral then you shall be able to make a lot of money.
Proof of payment?
i have no proof of payment of neobux but i am also earning money via it.
Is there any chat forum in neobux?
there there is a chat forum in neobux where people interact with each other about their job.
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

pay you to write

Have you ever heard that someone will pay you if you write something. i will show you example with lot of things where you shall be paid for work.At first i will show you an example Life . This blog is paid for writing. if you open this blog Life you will see a lot of posts over there with some link in that post. that link is the advertiser's link. And that advertiser has paid him for that work.But one thing that i would like to say that you will have to go to a place where advertiser and blogger both meet on a platform. i have lot of such websites where bloggers and advertisers meet and a blogger is getting job for posting about the advertiser. i can't show you whole here but you can see them on the right hand side of my blog. see over there a lot of banner is there. click all of them and join each and every one if you have blogs. you will be earning money in a great way. i hope you will enjoy writing over there.

mylot a scam or not

When i came to know about this website i really got amazed that this website is going to pay for my post. At first i didn't believe it but later i could find that website is really nice. what is needed is just to follow the rules of the website and keep posting. No one can say how exactly they pay but as per my experience they pay 0.05$ each post you make on the website.
How you can sign up in this website?
Just follow this link My Lot and sign up and start discussion and making money.
How they pay the money you earned?
They pay you when you reach the minimum payout of at the website. When you would reach 10$ then they will make your payment on your request in your paypal account. If you don't have paypal account don't worry i will help you in making paypal account.Just click the banner and make your paypal account.

Additional Options
What is restricted in the post at  My Lot?
you can't post the link of your website in mylot. otherwise administrator will remove that post and may decrease your money. they will not pay for the post when you post any sort of link in the post.
Any proof of the payment?
They are paypal verified website and they really pay. I am personally saying you that i got paid for the post in this website.
Hey guys just join it and start making money.

Friday, November 13, 2009

blogvertise a scam or legite

Description about the blogvertise-
It is a website where a blogger can make money by his blogging practice. You need to have at least 1 blog to join it. if your blog is of good quality and at least 3 months old with good post then your blog will be approved by the administrator.
How to join it?
Just click the banner below and fill up the form for sign up. you need to submit the blog and wait till approval.
Online Blogs Ads
How would you get the job?
you will get the job in assign task list page. when you approve the job provided by the administrator then you will have to do the task and submit it within limited period. The price that will paid will be mentioned over there.
When and how you get paid?
you will be paid by paypal after 1 months of your job. i.e. 1 month later from the date of job submission you will be paid in your account. Blogvertise website has no bad reputation.
see the proof of payment.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legal real and paying websites

Hey friends i know all are looking for real websites that really pay for your work. You must believe on a blogger as what ever he would tell to your would be right.Today i would like to tell you all those websites that really pay. i won't let you to go to the website where you will be scammed.Have a faith over me. Thanks in advance for believing me.
1.The banner below is a traffic exchange website where you can exchange for traffic and get paid for referral.
Easy hits for you

2. You need to post on the website and it pay you via paypal.
for more mylot information come to the latest post.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Advertise on blogs one of the best and real website which will pay you for your work. when i found it i got amazed that it is really going to pay us for the work on blogging. A good blogger can get a good job on this website and can make a lots of buck has very good reputation and it do not boast. what ever the fact would be it will tell you.
who can make money here?
A blogger can make money. if you have a blog with very good post and good rank then you will get job here and will be paid via PAYPAL. your blog must be recently updated. if you have paid domain then it shall be a boon for you to make money on
what is the work?
There will be a lots of opportunity to post about the advertiser on your blog and put some given link in your post. please follow the instructions given by the advertiser of you will have write about 200 words about the advertiser in a neutral way or positive way. you can't reveal during post that this is a paid post.
How much do they pay?
They pay as per the advertisers. what ever amount is given the advertiser after diducting some commission from that amount you will be paid via PAYPAL only. The minimum payout is 100$. when you reach your minimum payout then you can withdraw your money to PAYPAL account.
How many opportunities will be there on
there will be lot's of opportunities to post.

Monday, October 26, 2009

massive ptr a scam

Massive ptr is totally a scam website. you won't be paid for the work. i had bad experience with massive ptr site. when i reached 5000$ and requested for payment then they asked to upgrade the account by paying 278$. i know this massive ptr will run away with that money and will scam you. i will request you guys not to work for that can work for other ptr website. they can pay good money and won't scam you. i have shared my experienced a bad relationship with this website and would like to warn for this scam website.
i would like to request you guys to share your experience with us. so, that this website could not scam other guys working online.
How we should understand that it is a scam?
since this website is promising to pay 10$ for each website or ad you visit. think one thing that even google adsense programme is not paying this much money then how this one is going to pay? In the advertisement you will find that it is not going to promote any product it is just advertising similar website.
where to report about these scam websites?
you can report about this website at these places.
i hope you liked my post.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

paid to post

There are lots of way for income. One of my friend told me about a new website which i tried to see. when i opened it i got amazed that it really pays and is very easy to work and earn.
what is the website name?
Typegetrich is the website name.
How to sign up?
just go the website and at the end of home page you will see a link named register just click it and join the website.
what should be your qualification?
you should have good typing speed and should know little good enlgish. By knowing this only you can join the website and start earning.
what will you have to do?
you need to post some article on the forum. They do link building for the website and they are very helpful for your support.
how would they pay for your work?
they will pay via Paypal Moneybookers
How many hours a day should I work?
You can work from 5 minutes to 24 hours a day - as you wish. No limits. You can work 1 day a month, or 30 days a month.
just hurry up and join it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

make money by blogging

How to make money by blogging?
Have you ever heard or thought to make money by the things that you really enjoy. if you like blog posting you can do it many of the persons do it. i also do in on regular basis to enjoy and learn some thing from internet. But when i came to know that i can make some bucks by blog advertising on my blog. My blog is famous one so i tried to find out the advertiser for my blog and i got one. i am getting paid by this advertiser on monthly basis.
Advertise on blogs
I think my story might have amazed you and now you might be thinking to earn some money by blogging as well. Obviously you can do it. But what is necessary is to keep your blog up to date so that there is no fall in the number of visitors to your blog. As advertiser want more and more traffic of you blog so that his website could be visited as well.
what will keep your advertiser stick to your blog?
your blog posts must be informative so that reader could get for what he has come there. if your blog would be informative then reader would stick to your blog for longer must have heard about wikepedia where you can stuck for hours why?
the simple answer is that it is informative and interesting.One of the most important thing that i would like to say that your contents should be unique and informative. Don't copy it from others. And make regular posts on the blog centered to a single topic.
How much one can make money by blogging?
i will say unlimited. Really one blogger can earn unlimited money by blogging. you must be a good and smart in posting the post of the blog contents.advertiser can pay you a lot even more than 100$ for a single post and even more for keeping his banner on your blog's home page.
i hope you will start making money by blogging advertising.

Web directories

A web directory consists of list of all the good business websites. It has become important these days to submit your business website to directories so that your website could be found out easily.A good web directory contains a list of various websites which have been compiled by website reviewers. When looking for a website directory for suitable links for your business, it is important to consider a few issues.
It is your business objective. What is your business objective and you will have put the link of your website in that manner so that people could easily find it out what they are looking for. A lots of free and paid business web directory are there on the internet you can find it. when you pay for the website submission to the directory you must watch the improvement of the website rank and the customers you got.Most of the time these websites are reviewed and listed by human beings like you and me. This may leave some room for mistakes. Make sure that you avoid web directorythat seem to be unreliable. Choose a directory that promises to get you links to other sites that are frequented most by your target market. Remember that the main objective is to optimize your profits, do not do anything that might jeopardize this.
The best web directories are of Yahoo directory,DMOZ,Business,BOTW. you can use these business web directory for your business website to earn a lots.

The one benefit that website directories have over search engines is their efficiency.Directories should be SEO friendly web directory so that search engine could find your website easily.You will find that your business is soaring high and high on the internet.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Contact Me

Lots of opportunities to make money contact me i have lots of way to make money contact me here.

for link exchange mail me i am ready to do link exchange with you.

Make Money by my blog

You come to right place for little income. what are the needs to have income from my blogs.
1. one paypal account for money transfer.if you don't have paypal account don't worry just sign up here for the paypal account.
Additional Options

2. you must have one email id and computer connection in your home or at cybercafe.

You can earn up to 0.05$ for a single time. you can't earn it again and again.
what you will have to do?
1.Open any three of the five blogs i am giving you here. blog fun
c.Natural photos
d.Review the world
e.Ser o sayri

2. click on the one ad of bidvertiser from each blog. and leave a comment on that blog. keep the advertisement page opened for 5 minutes.
3.In the form below you mention the blog you opened and the url of the advertisement page you opened. after then i will track the clicked ad from my software.
4. mention your paypal emial id in the contact form.
5. after verification i will pay you your money in paypal.
6. WARNING click only one ad of one blog.
4. Then contact me by filling this form.

Monday, September 14, 2009

how to increase backlinks, traffic and pagerank

There are lots of way to increase backlinks, traffic and pagerank.Most of these suggestions are hard task but you can do it. Most require time, intelligence, effort and persistence but they work. It is important to use as many different ways to get backlinks as possible.
One most important question that you will have to ask yourself?
When developing backlinks, first figure out what type of backlink you want? Quality PageRank increasing backlinks or backlinks that bring unique traffic to sites.

What are “backlinks” of your blog or websites?
Back links are links directed to your website. Also known as Inbound links apposed to outbound links. Not only the quality but the number of backlinks are an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. search engine will show your website or blog in top if you have more and quality back links.

There are many ways to get backlinks from developing linking partners, posting blogs, posting comments on forums, participating in Internet community websites, writing articles, writing reviews and finding services and people that help with backlinks.

1.Post on a Forum

Post on several forums from business, wholesale, marketing to technical forums. You do not need to be a guru on these forums. You might have found answers to some users questions already in the forum and you can direct them to it. No matter what skills you have, you can usually take advantage of several forums. For instance if you are a web developer, your services are required by the people on many forums. If you have book keeping skills then pretty well all industry can benefit from your experience.

If you do a quick search on your local google for business forums, wholesale forums or marketing forums, you should be able to find many. UK Business Forums, The Wholesale forum and The Sales and Marketing Forums are just 3 great sites to start with. Be sure you do not spam. Write your posts, help, suggestions, reviews or articles in a manner so you can link to your resources as often and naturally as possible. Join around 10 forums. Become assets and valued members on 2 to 3 forums and on the others just follow threads and post replies, questions or comments. It will become apparent which forums you will spend more time on… the ones you like.

Be sure to use your signature and post 3 links in it. If you have 500 or 1000 posts on that forum then you will have 1500 or 3000 backlinks to your resources just from your signature file. The nice thing about your signature is that you can change it and link to different resources or content and all those links change. You can charge to put links to other sites in your articles and write your articles around them. Find companies on the Internet and ask them if they will pay you to write articles or reviews about their services and/or products to establish backlinks for them. This will maximize your efforts.

One thing to keep an eye on is where these forums link to and what their PageRank is. Most browser already display PageRank, as well there are many PageRank tools on the Internet, you can Google one if you don’t know what I mean, go to Google and search “Online PageRank Tool.” Here is a quick, FREE PageRank tool at SEO Peuan.

Forums can bring you large amounts of traffic and provide large amounts of backlinks. Keep an eye on your stats and you might be surprised that some of the forums that you do not spend much time on bring you the most traffic and the ones you spend massive amounts on bring little.
2.Post On Blogs
You should have your own blog that you post to but you should post comments or questions to other blogs. Blogs you just comment on such as,, to name a few. Some require you to register and some do not. As you know there are many, many blogs remember to keep your eye on their PageRank and who they link to.

Posting comments on blogs can bring in a fair amount of traffic if you are consistent and post brief comments daily. The more you post the more backlinks you can create.
3.Website Review Sites

Website review sites allow members to join to look at and review sites and have people look at and review their sites, this option is usually available on forums so take advantage of getting your website reviewed on forums too. Here is one website review site you can try called Linkreferral Once again a quick search of Google can help you find many sites to join. Keep an eye on the site’s PageRank.

These types of sites require a lot of effort and you do not get a lot of traffic. What you do get is people visiting your site daily and reviewing it with nice happy reviews. This is great for backlinks. If your marketing is on track and your product is relevant you might get customers, members or return visitors.
4.Traffic Sites

Traffic Sites, Pay to Click, Traffic exchanges and GPT allow members to post links to their sites and display them to other members. When members click the links, the owners of the link pays some form of credit. To get credit you pay $$ or you click other members sites. So, basically all the traffic you get to your site is from another web owner clicking your link to get credit for his site so someone will click his link.

One of the more popular traffic sites is TrafficSwarm which is effective, fast and free. You start getting traffic as soon as your website is authorized which usually is never longer than 24 hours.

There are thousands of these sites out there. The more popular sites can bring in 100 – 200 unique visitors per day EACH and help lower your Alexa traffic ranking. Having a low Alexa ranking (below 100,000) with a decent PageRank (3-4) can be the difference between a successful linking partner campaign and an unsuccessful one. Once again keep an eye on the PageRank and who they link too.

*** Make sure you do not have Google Adsense ads on the pages that you display on these type of sites because Google might ban your account.
Serious Backlinks

There are many 1-way and 2-way linking services available such as TopSites, Webrings, Add-a-link pages, directories, viral linking scripts and reciprocal linking sites. The problems with these are useless backlinks, no traffic and links to “bad neighborhoods” by Google’s definition.

Every now and then somebody comes along with a great idea and it works well. One of these great ideas is Zeriouz.

At zeriouz, you can add your websites for free, and without having to add reciprocal backlinks or registration You’ll get unlimited quality backlinks. You can also add code to your site to increase the amount of backlinks you have by referring people to submit their sites. Zeriouz can provide hundreds of “text” links back to your website in “weeks” and even thousands thereafter.

You will be absolutely amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the zeriouz network system. zeriouz will send you thousands of visitors, just for placing some free code on your website which contains five links and a referral ID.

Friday, September 4, 2009

social bookmarking and get traffic

Social bookmarking has a great importance now mainly for blogger. even you are a website owner then social bookmarking is one of the most talented and effective way to promote your website or blog.There are lot's of friends on your social network and other visitors on your profile. if you bookmark your post on any social website. then your friends will see them at least 50% of your friends would have curiosity and out of them there would be lot of friends who would like to see your website and it's new post. it will increase the traffic of your website or blog.

How much doest it cost?
it cost nothing, or it cost your times and not more than that.what is needed is to join some social network where link posting is allowed or not restricted. you must be knowing a lot's of social websites mainly for bookmarking.
and lots of others.
How can you let reader to bookmark your post on his social networking website?
there is one website which will give you all these bookmarking websites together. what is needed is to join .
when you join it and give your blog or website url it will give you code for all social bookmarking websites. when you post that code in your blog or website it will appear as a button on your blog or website. reader of your post can book mark your post to their social website and increase the traffic.
Getting traffic to your blog or to your website is one of the most important fact about the quality and importance of the website and blog. it is necessary to get traffic for your blog.
A lot of pay spammer is there on net who will increase the traffic if you pay them. but that is not so good.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

back link of google

Page rank of any blog or website is not just because of SEO. It is also related with how popular your website is with the mainly Google search engine. The majority of your page rank is determined by the back links of your website. Back link mainly with Google back link is one of the vital things. Without this you can’t increase your page rank. You might have good yahoo back link and other back link but google back link will decide whether your website or blog’s post is going to come on the top or your search engine or not?

But even in these back linking don’t dive like blind. One thing that you must keep it in your mind that each and every back link is not so important or is not going to give you that much importance. So, be cautious when you do link exchange with other websites. I would like to tell you 5 tips on how to make back link and which will be important for your website or blog.

1. Focus on back links from relevant websites or blogs:-

Google’s bot smarter and it checks each and every ting. If you linked from a relevant website that is content of that website is similar to those of yours. Then Google’s bot is going to give you more importance than other. If you have linked your blog or websites from other topic’s website then this link wouldn’t have more importance.
So, avoid link from worst or no relevance websites.

2. Avoid no follow links:-

Many sites now have the “no follow” tag which is to deter spammers from posting random links everywhere in the website. It means that a link in the website wouldn’t be considered as back link. So, there would be no benefit if you spam in that website.

3. Use anchor text for more and more traffic:-

Anchor links has become one of the most important ways to increase back link. In anchor text you put link of your website or tell the blogger to do so. This has become one of the relevant ways to increase traffic. My blog personally got pr 1 by using anchor text exchange with some blog and websites. It is really a link juice for your blog and your website.

4. try to get back link from high pr rank and good content websites:-
getting a link from high page rank websites or blogs will push your blog or website to a very high rank. As many times those websites or blog will be searched your website’s link or blog’s link will be trapped by Google’s bot which will make your blog or websites popular.

5. Try to get permanent back link for your blog or websites:-

one of the most important thing is that when you loose the back link of high pr’s back link. Then the pr of your websites or blog will fall dramatically. You will be shocked by the low fall of your pr. So, try to get permanent back link from any websites or blogs. If you buy links from link service that require a monthly subscription you run the risk of losing your links when you cancel. This will drop all your links and cause your search engine ranking to drop as well.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Blog directories

Blog directories has become one of the essential part for the blogger.Blog directories let people allow to submit their blogs.In blog directories one blogger see other blogger's blog and comment on them. they visit each other blog and thus traffic is increased. But you can't get blog directories at a place. i have collected a lot of blog directories where you can submit your blog and let increase the traffic of your blog.Are you ready to join all the blog directories that i am going to mention below then come and join it.

1. This Web’s Blog Directory is very selective and only lists aged and valuable blogs. A link of your blog from this blog will give you a great value to your blog.

2. has very nice category and can submit your blog in this blog directory.It is supremo in blog's one link will make your blog boosting too much on web world.

3. is a real jewel with many aged inbound links and a blog rating system. You may have to pay a fee for your blog to be reviewed, but like Yahoo, the review fee is well worth the few dollars.

4. one of the best blog directory.

5. is one of the famous blog directory. you will miss a lot if you are not submitting to this blog.

6. one of the most effective blog directory.

7. is one of the most interesting blog directory to submit your blogs.

8. this is for blogger of britain.

9. easy to understand and most effective blog directory.

10. come and see one of the most effective blog directory.

11. one of the different and most effective blog directory to submit your blog in this directory.

12. have you heard about this blog directory. you join then you will give a lot of thanks to my blog.







20.To know more and more free blog directory go to another link of this blog.
some free blog directories:-
ONLINE JOB NO INVESTMENT: best blog directories

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Monday, August 24, 2009

make money online

Hello guys!
i am posting after 1 month on this blog. This recession has broken the heart of each and every person.Mainly IT profession has been destroyed.But do you thing this is not going to recover in near time. Yes it is going to be recovered again in some days. In those time i say you one thing that you can also make money online if you have good knowledge.If you know good english and webdesign. there are lot of jobs offer on the website i am going to reveal it before you.making money online has become one of the easiest way if you have knowledge.i will tell you two websites name where you can make money online. what you needed on those websites is a paypal account. you just go to website after creating a paypal account to make money online.
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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Free Download Area

Each and every one love music these days and you will find many sites where you can download songs with payment but have you heard about Free Download Area. yes there is one website where you can Free Download Area.
A lot of freedom and a lot of diversity in post is there. you can download those rare music which you can't find in music store. Though these types of website has increased a lot but no one is going to give you a lot of diversity. here you can get even of The_Meteors-Helltrain_Rollin-2009 songs. can you think this? if you can think then come here and enjoy the Free Download Area. i hope it will be very useful for you to enjoy the download. Apart from these i would like to mention that it is fast.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

crazy photo maker

You can make a lot of stylish photo online. You can add yourself in different poses where you would look great. you might not have heard the website name. I would like to tell you. If you would go to that website, you will enjoy it too much. I will show you only one example and you will be fascinated to that website. It will make all sort of crazy photos. What you need to do there? You just go on and choose the template on which you want to make your photo. A lot of exciting photos will be there. You just select the template and upload the photo. Your photo will be saved like that frame. I enjoyed it too much hope you will enjoy it as well.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

secured online trading

Online trading has become one of the important feature of the Online marketing. You can do it as well with lot of security and can earn a lot of money. When i came to a website,which is an online broker firm in US, was really very nice and supportive. When i started brokering and earned a lot of money and now by joining this website i got a lot of security. if you are a broker then you can earn a lot and get secured by this website. join by clicking the banner.

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your future:-
Commodities are all over the news. If you want the opportunity to take advantage of greater leverage and liquidity, and trade around the world 24/7, take a look at futures.
Have a strong feeling about how a company might perform in the coming weeks, months or years? Stocks can give you the ownership stake to profit from your correct assessments.
Seeking potential appreciation for a little less risk? Bonds are widely considered some of the most stable investment products around. Providing periodic income to the more conservative investor.

Monday, June 8, 2009

link exchange popularity

Today it has become most important that to increase the traffic of your blog or website you must do link exchange with other websites. what is this and how does it work?

what is link exchange?
i am saying you with a practical see next link click it . it will open my another blog what happened here is that i wrote my blog address in HTML coding and wrote it there in link click it. what would be benefit of doing it. when google crawler would come to my blog post to crawl he would see my another blog thus this blog got a link popularity there. This helps in increasing page rank and traffic of my techtalkbyshaswat blog. this is the main reason that link exchange has become so popular these days. if you want to see page rank of your website then click it . see what the picture is showing? you can increase your link popularity by a lot of ways.i will suggest you how to increase it.

1. Do link exchange with other blogger or webmasters personally. if you are not getting any one then you just go below of this page there you will show a lot of banners click on smorty and all others as well. sign up there and do link exchange with other blogger on smorty. it will help you increasing your blog link popularity a lot.

2. forum posting is one of the other popular way to increase link popularity. but where you would post and how? Go to your yahoo account if you have or make one. Go to yahoo answers and sign in there. there are lot of people asking a lot of questions. if you know any answer then give that answer and along with that you can post your blog or website as a reference. As yahoo is one of the famous website your along with those stuff your blog or website will be crawled by google spider and you will get a free link popularity.

3. write post on your blog using SEO technique this will increase your link popularity. for example i am showing you here in this post i have used link popularity word or link exchange word many times. thus if any person would search for link popularity or link exchange then probability of coming my page on 1st page of google becomes most probable. so i would suggest you to use SEO technique.

4. apart from these if you don't want to do these stuffs and have money then you can advertise your website or you can ask some blogger to write about your website or blog. you will have to pay for that to the blogger. to go such websites just go at the end of this page there you will get a lot of banners where you can advertise your website by paying money.
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Sunday, June 7, 2009


There are lot of interesting things in this world to live. it is totally dependent upon you. what do you think? what do you want in your life? and your interests go like that. if you want to be an engineer than your thinking will be towards technologies. you will get interesting things in technology world. you will love to learn recent technologies.
But what do you think? if you have no interest. Your life will be totally boring and you can't do any thing in your life. so to make it interesting and to live your life with can make your hobbies as per your interest. you must grow your interest in particular area and enjoy that area. there must be at least one thing that you might be liking. what is needed is to discover it from within yourself. if you discover it and goes on it's way you can make a stone line in this world has well. so be interesting in your life and enjoy it fully with others.

Indian I.T Professionals Need not worry about 2009

Why this recession had happened and affected whole world. Many of people got sacked from job but now time has gone and recession is over. Industries are going to grow as faster as they were growing before recession. so the same condition would be of IT industries and it will grow faster as well.there is now great chance for indians to get a job in IT industry.Now Indian I.T Professionals Need not worry about 2009 as there are lot of job available in IT sector. TCS is again going to take people for its job. You can submit your resume on TCS website and can get your job. TCS knows this fact that this recession is going to fade away soon and they will need a huge amount of employee. so i say Indian I.T Professionals Need not worry about 2009 and get their job as soon as possible. If you have great degree then you can submit your resume. The recession is going to over and again in market the products will be sold in much amount and company will grow faster. Now hurry up and submit your resume to TCS for a job and make a bright career in IT industry

social networking site

It becomes very difficult to get a real partner in life when you are alone. I could get some thing interesting for online dating. i dated three girls till now from that website. it was really very nice to meet those girls online and physically as well. you will be interested in any type of babes and you will get as per your desire.

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financial support

Even in this recession if you get supported financially then it shall be a boon for you. In most of the cases though we had some financial support from other people but we don't know how to utilize it.
A lot of good people are here in this world who really want to help you financially at any moment. Though financial support has become one of the business these days but some websites still provide good service. In this regard my friend could come across this website which really supported him financially to a great extent. It becomes very difficult for some one to overcome the financial problem. i think you will be supported buy it as well.


or if you are interested in other then there is also another option to earn get benefited.


online book shopping mall

When you are along only book is your companion. when you are on a long journey book is one of the best way to time pass with gaining knowledge. That is the main reason most of the people read book some of them write as well. It becomes very tough to get a collection of good books mainly in regional language.Some book seller keep it but most of them don't because those books are not that much famous and they are not customers for those books are very less. i think the best solution would be to have an online store for books. from online store a customer can choose as per his desire and convenience. one of the best online book shopping mall has been mentioned here.
The delivery service of this online shopping mall is very nice and you will receive books within specified time. if you are interested in a book then you can come here and buy good books.

Buy Books, Spread Literacy

Friday, June 5, 2009


Each and every men and women want freedom. No one want to be a slave of other or would live in a bound. So animals also have such a great desire to live their life with freedom.They are also living being and have almost same desire as human being might have noticed when you tie an animal they want to break the rope and want to go away from that bond. But we don't allow them to go away from that rope. We do all these things for our selfishness. To fulfill our desire whatever we can do on animal we do. The main reason behind this that they can't speak like us. Otherwise they would have said like this "LIVE AND LET LIVE" . Most of us have dogs in our home.We tie up them in a chain so that it can't go anywhere from boundary. Whenever you come from office you entertain yourself with your dog. but did you ever think that what does it need is freedom.
DogsDeserveFreedom as well so they should be also left among dogs. They like companion of their other dogs and really DogsDeserveFreedom in this world as other animals need. Be a human and try to understand this fact that if you would have been in his place what would you have done to be free. Please give him a right to have freedom.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Parenting Magazine

Taking care of your children is one of the most important things in your life. When you become a father then there come a lot of responsibilities. How are you going to teach your son all the lessons of life? How would you inspire him to lead a very meaningful life? In some cases as I have faced that parents want to fulfill their dream by their children.And in fulfilling that they force children to do a specific work which might be not of his interest. In that case the child loss all his capabilities and becomes dull in study.Parenting Magazineis one of the way to learn something how to be a good parent. if Parenting Magazineis not so helpful then you can learn from yourself or from some consultancy service. As I think that children should be left free. You should not restrict him in doing anything. Just watch him from distance and keep tracking that whether he is going in right way or not? If he is going in some wrong way then let him learn from that. When he would learn from his own mistakes, he would never try to do that mistake. As I think it is real parenting. I have seen one good magazine on parental is Parenting Magazine. This is totally dedicated on how to do a good parenting.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Look at Life and All It's Needs Movie, Music, Gadgets and Mor

Life is full of need.for each and every move you need some thing. movie,music and electrical gadgets. you might be thinking A Look at Life and All It's Needs: Movie, Music, Gadgets and More ya there is one blog for it. you can see what is fact about the movie gadgets and other gadgets. when you are going to buy a gadget i think you must be thinking to read some reviews about the gadget which is honest. you might be thinking of some best website for music where you can download best music or where you can buy best dvds online. there is one blog telling you all these stuffs A Look at Life and All It's Needs: Movie, Music, Gadgets and More. you will get stick to this blog once you come to it. A lot of new thoughts and thinking are getting posted per day on that blog. you will enjoy dear so keep watching this blog per day.

Friday, May 29, 2009

vergingon40 earn from blog

One thing straight forward that i would like to tell you that do you earn from blogging. if not then come to vergingon40 live example you will see there. this blog is totally dedicated to many things from her daily life to online income and many more things. You will find a lot of spice on vergingon40. what is most important in blogging is the frequency of posting. As frequently you are posting on the blog your pr of the blog will increase that much faster. thus page rank of your blog will increase in that way. what would be benefit then? you might ask this question in blogging. you will get more and more opportunity to post on your blog and will earn more money from your blog. if the pr of your blog goes high and high then you will earn that much fast and more money from your blog.vergingon40 is one of the live example that i would like to show you. the most important thing in blogging is the honesty what ever you see just write it don't try to hesitate in writing the fact of the article.


best survey site

most of the time you get a fake survey site. what if you get payment really. i got payment from this website that is the reason i am asking you to join it.if this would have been fake then i would have not allowed you to join it. there are lot of best survey sites but among them i could find this survey site. you just sign up here and don't try to make fraud account or refer a friend with fake. so be alert and make only one account from your computer.if they found that you have fraud ed them then they will block your account and they will not pay you any more. just do what do they say and earn a lot of money there.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just the Tip of the Iceberg...

i was searching for a lot of taste on internet like from mother to girlfriend. yes this blog is really different from blogs i ever found. when you would go to Just the Tip of the Iceberg.... you will find that the blogger has tried to give all the taste. he is actually writing about his daily experience so that you can be benefited by his experience. so i think you know that in each and every day life there are lot of things that can teach you. so go to this Just the Tip of the Iceberg... and enjoy browsing this blog per day.
i loved it and try to visit this blog per day that what is new on it and what i can learn from it. so if you want to change your's taste then come to Just the Tip of the Iceberg... and enjoy your life.

commission junction affiliate program

it is really tough to earn money online these days. you will have to work too much to gain a knowledge and money on internet. if you don't know too much about html, php and .net even then you can make money. what you will have to do is to join a commission website. you just make an account as a publisher and get link from the website. if you can sell product then you will get a % commission of the sale. the percentage commission will be mentioned on the website that how much you will be paid. this commission website will pay you via cheque. when you will reach the minimum payout then you will be paid at the address you have mentioned in the website. there are lot of affiliate program which do pay money for sale and lead. but the best one that i could see was the commission junction.
Is is very tough to sell product online but it is easy to make people sign up. making people sign up is called lead and they also pay for that. when you will lead a people to sing up through you link or banner provided by the advertiser you will get a commission for that. you can put the link if you have website or you can put the code on a blog owned by you.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Best UK Shopping

Are you from UK then you have come to right place where you can get information on where is the discount on some products or not.yes there is one blog i have come across Best UK Shopping. This blog is totally dedicated to the recent products and the best discount you can get in buying a product.If you are interested in buying a shower,Toshiba 500gb External Hard Drive,Whirlpool Bath and any other things then come here and see what is the post on blog and how much discount is given on the product.I was tying to buy one iPod and i bought it from this blog. when i noticed that the price is really less than the market price of 8GB iPod then i bought it through internet.I thank this blog for posting such a great post. i hope that his post on Best UK Shoppingwill be too much beneficial for you in buying any product. one thing that i would like to mention is that you can see older post and can discount from those posts as well. It is not necessary that discount is there only on recent post. I could buy my iPod and hope that you will be buying more from that blog and save money. if you liked this post then make a comment on this post. so that i could get encouraged to post next time on this blog.

Rad Kitten

if you want versatile taste in blog. i mean you want to know a mother who want to show her love and whole thing in a blog. when one of my friend told me aboutRad kitten then i visited it one time. what i found there was really very interesting.she would tell you whole thing how to make some money and how she did it. what can be best way for web hosting.i think she is telling her daily experience on Rad kitten. Her experience will teach you what you should do and what you should not. so that you couldn't be fooled on net. i was looking for a web hosting and could get very nice solution from her blog.i have hosted one of my blog from free to paid hosting. i hope that this Rad kitten blog will be very helpful for you in learning day today life.The blogger has also a directory of mom where you can see her as well as others experience.Her post is regular and daily this makes her blog updated and you will see daily new and recent things on her blog.when you would go to her blog you will enjoy a lot and hope you will keep her blog visiting again and again.One of my friend and i visit her blog daily and enjoy it too much.

earn money from affiliate advertisement

Most of the blogger advertise some advertisement on their blog to earn some money. But did you notice one thing that they pay very less per click. This advertisement is called PPC(pay per click). Think of a situation that you are advertising a product on your blog and if some customer liked that product and bought from that link then you will be paid for sale. It really happens and earning from this is called Commission Structures. I mean that you will get your commission for sale. so, why the blogger will advertise only for 20-30 cent per click why not commission by sale.So, i hope that you will try to advertise the commission related product on your blog and will try to make money by that.Commission Structures in affiliate advertising is one of the best and interesting way to earn money online. one thing you will have to make sure is to advertise same product or related product on which your blog is written. As most of the customer's mind will be to your post and if it is related to the product you advertise then they will tend to buy it.
One most important thing that i would like to mention that it is really very tough to sell a product online. As most of the customer buy directly from online store.But we are not supposed to kill this opportunities but to use it and start making money from it.

make money by blogging

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Friday, May 22, 2009

empowered mom

i have visited a lot of blog but the most interesting and enjoying one was that i visited today was EMPOWERED MOM. what a fantastic way of representation that you can't imagine.the blogger has it's own way to write and a nice way to attract you.when you will go toEMPOWERED MOM then you will find a lot of interesting things like what is the site where you can chat best girls, how to lead life and many more things. it shall be great if you go to EMPOWERED MOM.

one of my friend told me to visit this blog and now i visit it daily. what the new thing has come on EMPOWERED MOM

earn money by blogging

It is not a joke that i am saying that you can earn by blogging. whatever your hobby be just put it on your blog and your hobby will be awarded by the advertiser. i was looking for a website who can really pay me for blogging. i was just doing a search in google to find out who can pay you for blogging. i could find one of the best website PayingPost .though i have registered my blogs on different websites who pay but it is best. i am currently earning money from three blogs. what will you have to do is to register on PayingPost site. Advertiser will tell you write some thing about their website or product and you will have to write about it. when you will write they will pay you for it. they will pay you 5$ or even more for your post. if your blog is of google page rank 3 or even more then you can earn a lot like 100$ per post. so come to the site PayingPost and start earning money by blogging. you can start whatever you wish to write about.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009

marketoutbox a nice blog

it was really great for me when i came to know about a blog named when one of my friend suggested me. i could see that blog master is posting per day and apart from that the quality of is very good. you can get information from web hosting to many things where you can host your site with less money and a lot of websites to earn money. you can get benefited too much when you would come to apart from a lot of information from the world you can get. so enjoy the blog as you wish and learn a lot from that that blog.

when you would go to this blog then you will be amazed by the representation of the blog.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

stumble your blogs or websites

do you know stumbling your website and blogs. it is really very good and very helpful in improving your website's page rank. what you will have to do is to make an account on stubleupon website. just sign in here and make a lot of friends on this site. when ever you post something new on your website or on your blog then you just stumble about that content on stubleupon website. mail that content to your friends and write review about your website and inspire others to write reviews about your blog or website by writing reviews about their websites and blogs. this is one of the most effective way to improve your website and blog. you can just stumble your website at no cost. you just spend some time to stumble your website or blog. enjoy dear.
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how to improve the ranking of your website.

when you create a website for some specific purpose then the next problem that come is the improving the ranking of the page. Improving the google page rank of your website is most important thing. there are lots of way that webmasters say about improving page rank of your website. i would like to suggest some specific ways that will improve the google page rank of your website.

1.include quality content to your website.
when ever some one comes to your website with some hope then don't turn him down by faking him. if your site is good then he will bookmark your site and will visit again and again.

2.submit your site to various web directories.

submitting your website to various web directories proves that your website has quality content and can be helpful to the internet searcher. as there are people in web directories they review your website then submit it in to directories.
3.publish your wherever your can
publishing your website any where will catch the eye of people and they will click on it. if they find that it is good site then they will visit it again and again. this will also create link for your website.
* Business cards
* Letterhead
* Newsletters
* Brochures
* Press Releases
* Fax cover sheets
* Email signatures
4. publish a newsletter about your website
publish a newsletter about your website it will attract the people to your website. it will also remind them about your website.
5.Provide a Rich Site Summary (RSS)
it is also call RSS is a lightweight XML format for distributing news headlines and other content on the Web. others will be able to view the published content of your website.
6.linking your site to other high quality website.
this improves your website too much as whenever there shall be some visitor to that high quality web content site then your website will be crawled by google spider. which will improve the page rank of your website. answers in improving your website
it is very nice and one of the most effective way to improve your website. yahoo answer will help too much. just sign in to yahoo answers and answer some question that has been asked by many people on it. along with your answer you leave your website address for that answer. this will improve your website too much. i have seen my self that in google search your your answer with your website will come in first page of google search.
8. forum posting in improving your website rank.
forum posting is one of the best way to improve your website. whenever you post something on forum then leave a link of your website it will make a link of your website on that site and in google search you will see that your website is coming in 1st page with those answers of forum. As most of the forum are of good quality content and many visitors visit that so their ranking is good. leaving your website address on forum make a link for your website.

9.SEO technique in improving your website rank.
i think i should write it in the beginning of the post but i did it last. but it is one of the most important technique used in web content writing for improving the google page rank. you might have been thinking what is SEO technique?
search engine optimisation is it's full form. there are lot of ways in seo tehnique.
one thing among those is key word rich web content. whenever you write for your website then you make some keyword for that content. and try to use most of the time that key word.i.e. your website is about online job. then when you are going to write your web content then try to use word online job, online money, online cash, earn online, thus your are making your web content rich by some words. but don't use online job again and again all the time. In that case spider of google search will catch you and may make those words as dead word. in that case spider is not going to catch those words as your keywords.
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