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how to increase backlinks, traffic and pagerank

There are lots of way to increase backlinks, traffic and pagerank.Most of these suggestions are hard task but you can do it. Most require time, intelligence, effort and persistence but they work. It is important to use as many different ways to get backlinks as possible.
One most important question that you will have to ask yourself?
When developing backlinks, first figure out what type of backlink you want? Quality PageRank increasing backlinks or backlinks that bring unique traffic to sites.

What are “backlinks” of your blog or websites?
Back links are links directed to your website. Also known as Inbound links apposed to outbound links. Not only the quality but the number of backlinks are an indication of the popularity or importance of that website. Backlinks are important for SEO because some search engines, especially Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks, and consider those websites more relevant than others in their results pages for a search query. search engine will show your website or blog in top if you have more and quality back links.

There are many ways to get backlinks from developing linking partners, posting blogs, posting comments on forums, participating in Internet community websites, writing articles, writing reviews and finding services and people that help with backlinks.

1.Post on a Forum

Post on several forums from business, wholesale, marketing to technical forums. You do not need to be a guru on these forums. You might have found answers to some users questions already in the forum and you can direct them to it. No matter what skills you have, you can usually take advantage of several forums. For instance if you are a web developer, your services are required by the people on many forums. If you have book keeping skills then pretty well all industry can benefit from your experience.

If you do a quick search on your local google for business forums, wholesale forums or marketing forums, you should be able to find many. UK Business Forums, The Wholesale forum and The Sales and Marketing Forums are just 3 great sites to start with. Be sure you do not spam. Write your posts, help, suggestions, reviews or articles in a manner so you can link to your resources as often and naturally as possible. Join around 10 forums. Become assets and valued members on 2 to 3 forums and on the others just follow threads and post replies, questions or comments. It will become apparent which forums you will spend more time on… the ones you like.

Be sure to use your signature and post 3 links in it. If you have 500 or 1000 posts on that forum then you will have 1500 or 3000 backlinks to your resources just from your signature file. The nice thing about your signature is that you can change it and link to different resources or content and all those links change. You can charge to put links to other sites in your articles and write your articles around them. Find companies on the Internet and ask them if they will pay you to write articles or reviews about their services and/or products to establish backlinks for them. This will maximize your efforts.

One thing to keep an eye on is where these forums link to and what their PageRank is. Most browser already display PageRank, as well there are many PageRank tools on the Internet, you can Google one if you don’t know what I mean, go to Google and search “Online PageRank Tool.” Here is a quick, FREE PageRank tool at SEO Peuan.

Forums can bring you large amounts of traffic and provide large amounts of backlinks. Keep an eye on your stats and you might be surprised that some of the forums that you do not spend much time on bring you the most traffic and the ones you spend massive amounts on bring little.
2.Post On Blogs
You should have your own blog that you post to but you should post comments or questions to other blogs. Blogs you just comment on such as,, to name a few. Some require you to register and some do not. As you know there are many, many blogs remember to keep your eye on their PageRank and who they link to.

Posting comments on blogs can bring in a fair amount of traffic if you are consistent and post brief comments daily. The more you post the more backlinks you can create.
3.Website Review Sites

Website review sites allow members to join to look at and review sites and have people look at and review their sites, this option is usually available on forums so take advantage of getting your website reviewed on forums too. Here is one website review site you can try called Linkreferral Once again a quick search of Google can help you find many sites to join. Keep an eye on the site’s PageRank.

These types of sites require a lot of effort and you do not get a lot of traffic. What you do get is people visiting your site daily and reviewing it with nice happy reviews. This is great for backlinks. If your marketing is on track and your product is relevant you might get customers, members or return visitors.
4.Traffic Sites

Traffic Sites, Pay to Click, Traffic exchanges and GPT allow members to post links to their sites and display them to other members. When members click the links, the owners of the link pays some form of credit. To get credit you pay $$ or you click other members sites. So, basically all the traffic you get to your site is from another web owner clicking your link to get credit for his site so someone will click his link.

One of the more popular traffic sites is TrafficSwarm which is effective, fast and free. You start getting traffic as soon as your website is authorized which usually is never longer than 24 hours.

There are thousands of these sites out there. The more popular sites can bring in 100 – 200 unique visitors per day EACH and help lower your Alexa traffic ranking. Having a low Alexa ranking (below 100,000) with a decent PageRank (3-4) can be the difference between a successful linking partner campaign and an unsuccessful one. Once again keep an eye on the PageRank and who they link too.

*** Make sure you do not have Google Adsense ads on the pages that you display on these type of sites because Google might ban your account.
Serious Backlinks

There are many 1-way and 2-way linking services available such as TopSites, Webrings, Add-a-link pages, directories, viral linking scripts and reciprocal linking sites. The problems with these are useless backlinks, no traffic and links to “bad neighborhoods” by Google’s definition.

Every now and then somebody comes along with a great idea and it works well. One of these great ideas is Zeriouz.

At zeriouz, you can add your websites for free, and without having to add reciprocal backlinks or registration You’ll get unlimited quality backlinks. You can also add code to your site to increase the amount of backlinks you have by referring people to submit their sites. Zeriouz can provide hundreds of “text” links back to your website in “weeks” and even thousands thereafter.

You will be absolutely amazed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the zeriouz network system. zeriouz will send you thousands of visitors, just for placing some free code on your website which contains five links and a referral ID.

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