Saturday, May 23, 2009

earn money from affiliate advertisement

Most of the blogger advertise some advertisement on their blog to earn some money. But did you notice one thing that they pay very less per click. This advertisement is called PPC(pay per click). Think of a situation that you are advertising a product on your blog and if some customer liked that product and bought from that link then you will be paid for sale. It really happens and earning from this is called Commission Structures. I mean that you will get your commission for sale. so, why the blogger will advertise only for 20-30 cent per click why not commission by sale.So, i hope that you will try to advertise the commission related product on your blog and will try to make money by that.Commission Structures in affiliate advertising is one of the best and interesting way to earn money online. one thing you will have to make sure is to advertise same product or related product on which your blog is written. As most of the customer's mind will be to your post and if it is related to the product you advertise then they will tend to buy it.
One most important thing that i would like to mention that it is really very tough to sell a product online. As most of the customer buy directly from online store.But we are not supposed to kill this opportunities but to use it and start making money from it.

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