Sunday, November 29, 2009

neobux a scam or not

A very good question dear neobux is a scam or not? could you try to find out the fact about it over internet. i didn't try to believe them about neobux is scam or not but i could find the fact whether neobux is scam or not.
What is this neobux?
As you could find out neobux so you might be knowing it. if not then i am telling you that neobux is PTC website. where you can earn money by clicking the advertisement.
How you can sign up in neobux?
Just click the banner below and join the neobux

How would neobux pay?
neobux pay via paypal. when you reach the minimum payout then on your request they will pay your money to paypal.
what is the click rate?
they pay 0.01$ for one click to one advertisement. if you could see it successfully then they will pay you 0.01$ in your account.
pay rate=0.01$ per advertisement
no of advertisement per day=4 ad per day
per day income=4*.01=0.04$
weekly income=0.04*7=0.28$
monthly income=0.04*30=1.2$
to reach 2$ you need 50days
What is referral program?
when you refer someone then you will be paid if he visit ads. so you can put his banner on your home page so that if you could get some referral then you shall be able to make a lot of money.
Proof of payment?
i have no proof of payment of neobux but i am also earning money via it.
Is there any chat forum in neobux?
there there is a chat forum in neobux where people interact with each other about their job.
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thanks a lot for giving good information about neobux dear.