Friday, June 5, 2009


Each and every men and women want freedom. No one want to be a slave of other or would live in a bound. So animals also have such a great desire to live their life with freedom.They are also living being and have almost same desire as human being might have noticed when you tie an animal they want to break the rope and want to go away from that bond. But we don't allow them to go away from that rope. We do all these things for our selfishness. To fulfill our desire whatever we can do on animal we do. The main reason behind this that they can't speak like us. Otherwise they would have said like this "LIVE AND LET LIVE" . Most of us have dogs in our home.We tie up them in a chain so that it can't go anywhere from boundary. Whenever you come from office you entertain yourself with your dog. but did you ever think that what does it need is freedom.
DogsDeserveFreedom as well so they should be also left among dogs. They like companion of their other dogs and really DogsDeserveFreedom in this world as other animals need. Be a human and try to understand this fact that if you would have been in his place what would you have done to be free. Please give him a right to have freedom.

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