Monday, October 26, 2009

massive ptr a scam

Massive ptr is totally a scam website. you won't be paid for the work. i had bad experience with massive ptr site. when i reached 5000$ and requested for payment then they asked to upgrade the account by paying 278$. i know this massive ptr will run away with that money and will scam you. i will request you guys not to work for that can work for other ptr website. they can pay good money and won't scam you. i have shared my experienced a bad relationship with this website and would like to warn for this scam website.
i would like to request you guys to share your experience with us. so, that this website could not scam other guys working online.
How we should understand that it is a scam?
since this website is promising to pay 10$ for each website or ad you visit. think one thing that even google adsense programme is not paying this much money then how this one is going to pay? In the advertisement you will find that it is not going to promote any product it is just advertising similar website.
where to report about these scam websites?
you can report about this website at these places.
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Hasan said...

thanks for the informations

Anonymous said...

I have requested payout and they have never replied to me or made any payout - they still send me emails as well, always filling up my email box but they don't pay out! I wonder how come they are still allowed to run their website when they lie to people about paying out..

shambhu kumar said...

yes friend in some cases they will ask you to upgrade your account by giving them some money. and will run away with your money. we have wasted our time with them now don't waste money i will suggest you. thanks for commenting here

admin said...

Hi ! Thanks for the info.. By the way , have you come across any ptc or ptr sites which pay real money ? I have signed up a lot of scammed sites until i found out recently and very disappointed with them !

shambhu kumar said...

hello admin see the side bar of my blog. there you can see legit paying site. all those site are legit and really paying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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