Monday, May 21, 2012

Zurker share holder

you must be got amazed that you can be share holder of the website. If you are member of Zurker and you have invited your friends then you have stake of this social networking site zurker. Currently this share is not real but when this social networking site will be public you will have those shares in real then. When
How it is different from facebook and tweeter?
facebook and tweeter is owned by few investors and they are making big money by it. But if you are member of Zurker then you are share holder of this social networking site.You will get the revenue generated by it's site. Isn't it a big idea. Inventor of this social networking site don't want to make money for himself but also for users who is part and parcel of zurker. You are not going to have a check next day you own share of it. But when this will be listed on stock exchange you will have that much amount of shares in your account.
Can it go beyond faceboo, tweeter and google+?
It is the thing to wait and watch. No one can say what is going to happen next. But because inventor of this website is real inventor of facebook so i think it can crack that world. But the best thing is to wait and watch.
Why you should bother to join it?
If you become a member then you are not going to loose anything but. You will be shareholder of this website and when it will be listed in stock exchange you will be owner of shares you earn right now.
you can join this website by click Zurker.

Friday, December 23, 2011

How to increase blog traffic

I have to put my title like that as a lot of people search for "how to increase blog traffic". Even i used to look for how to increase my blog traffic. As a blogger everyone wants to have a good number of traffic to their blog. I have visited many post related to traffic on blog or how to increase blog traffic.
But here i would like to post my experience and how i managed to increase my traffic.
 What i would request you if u really want to increase traffic is- STRATEGY.
We read something and forget about it. So, first thing you must maintain one strategy about about your blog. Now i am posting some points and kindly maintain it for your blog.

1. First and foremost thing that you are posting it for reader not for yourself. So you must post as per user i.e reader requirement. So, see what is the search keyword for your blog. Or by which search words readers are coming on your blog. Make a list of them and post valued and very informative article related to those keywords. It will help you in bringing a good traffic. If you don't know how to find out keyword of your blog or what should be keyword of your blog then you must think about the topic or subject you are covering in your blog. Apart from that you can search for the keywords of your blog from google.

2.Submit your blog to search engine. This can be done by pinging your blog. How to ping your blog.? You can get it on that link and find detail on what is pinging, how it will benefit and how to do it.

3. Social networking- This is one of the effective tool to bring a good traffic on your blog. Make a fan page of your blog on facebook and promote it. you can digg your page. By digging digg search about your content on blog page and it gives to many search engine searchable. Apart form that you can stumble it. It has the same function of submitting your blog content to searchable engine and good number of reader. A great number of blogger do digging and stumbling of their blog. They search for good blog and to comment on them. Hence the get comment back and get good traffic from there. So, it would be advisable to join both the website and keep posting your blog there and have lot of friends in order to get good traffic.

4. One of the most important thing is see from where a lot of traffic is coming and devote your time on them. I am just giving you one example.
  • If your blog is getting traffic from facebook then you must devote your time on facebook fan page.
  • If it is coming from stumble,digg, then devote your time on that source and the way readers are coming on.
  • if the traffic is via your blog comment on others then keep commenting on other's blog and leave your url over there in order to get readers to your page.
  • If search is coming directly form search engine then you must devote time on SEO i.e. search engine optimization key word. Track the key work by which your blog is getting searched and keep posting a serious topic related to that key word.
I would like to hear some more tips from you as  comment. And at last give some picture in your every post as every one like beautiful pictures. So, your blog reader as well.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog linked to your Google+ account

It was awesome, i just opened my blogspot and found that i can integrate my blog with Google+ account. You might think what would be effect of it. I think Google is going ahead of facebook in some days in terms of blogger user. If you have a blog associated with blogger then you would love to have more and more visitors/traffic on your blog. I am just describing you how it will give a good benefit to blogger.

What does a blogger want for his blog?
They always want a good, organic and permanent traffic for the blog. Which encourages them to write more good and original post. if their traffic increases then obviously their revenue from blog will increase.