Wednesday, December 9, 2009

microworkers a scam or not

Microworkers is a place where one person can make good money by doing some simple is not a scam. whoever it is saying that microworkers is scam is not right. i got paid by microworkers so how it can be a scam? i will tell you in detail about this microworkers website.

what is this website made for?

This website is mainly for the person who want to make money online. If some one has knowledge in online job and about some website then they can make money on microworkers.

What is the work on microworkers?

There are lots of work on microworkers. On this microworkers website advertiser will tell you do some work and you will have to complete it within limited period of time. on the tab available jobs just click and find the desired job. just select those job which you can do. if your work efficiency is less than 75% then you will not get job till one month.

what is work efficiency on microworkers?

the work that you could perform perfectly and the work you couldn't do measures the percentage of the work efficiency.

what is the range of payment?

On microworkers an advertiser pay from 0.10$ to 2.0$. your work will be approved within 7 days from the date you have submitted your work.

How you can increase your income?

If you have blog with pr1 and pr2 or even more then you can earn more and more money on the website. You should know about stumbling, digging of a website. advertiser even pay for these works.

How do they pay?

They pay via paypal or by cheque. when your earning will reach to 9$ then you will have to make a payment request. the website owner will send a pin to your address which you will have to verify. after verification they will pay you via paypal.

How to join this website?

Just click the link below and join the website.


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Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
I confirm. I agree with told all above. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

shambhu kumar said...

hey dear what do you want to communicate here. yes it is a real paying site. i have just reached my payout and requested my payout. they are sending me PIN to my address then after confirmation they will start paying me in my paypal account.

Jagjiban said...

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Genuine And Trusted Free Online Jobs said...

Actually it not a scam, how to make money from them is hard. They always rate their workers, so if you submit 1 to 5 work in and you are not lucky and and the employer is not certify with it, you will be rate low which can block you from submitting work for one month.
The only site i will recommend you to register is :

Anonymous said...

they're scam. SOMETIMES they pay the first payment to get you involved. then they cancel the payment more and more and you get nothing. some other ppl i know got their accts closed when they requested the pin code. so i dont recommend them.

i use instead. plus it pays at 2$ only, so its easier to check as scam, in case you dont trust. ive always been paid there tho. the prices are the same, the tasks are easier.

in microworkers, u have to make 10 bux to withdraw, and that's 100 tasks. and you do lots of signups and then they cancel you, so NO NO.

animecrazy said...
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Anonymous said...

How do we know that you are not paid by MICROWORKERS site just to post this on your BLOG?

Anonymous said...

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