Tuesday, October 20, 2009

make money by blogging

How to make money by blogging?
Have you ever heard or thought to make money by the things that you really enjoy. if you like blog posting you can do it many of the persons do it. i also do in on regular basis to enjoy and learn some thing from internet. But when i came to know that i can make some bucks by blog advertising on my blog. My blog is famous one so i tried to find out the advertiser for my blog and i got one. i am getting paid by this advertiser on monthly basis.
Advertise on blogs
I think my story might have amazed you and now you might be thinking to earn some money by blogging as well. Obviously you can do it. But what is necessary is to keep your blog up to date so that there is no fall in the number of visitors to your blog. As advertiser want more and more traffic of you blog so that his website could be visited as well.
what will keep your advertiser stick to your blog?
your blog posts must be informative so that reader could get for what he has come there. if your blog would be informative then reader would stick to your blog for longer time.you must have heard about wikepedia where you can stuck for hours why?
the simple answer is that it is informative and interesting.One of the most important thing that i would like to say that your contents should be unique and informative. Don't copy it from others. And make regular posts on the blog centered to a single topic.
How much one can make money by blogging?
i will say unlimited. Really one blogger can earn unlimited money by blogging. you must be a good and smart in posting the post of the blog contents.advertiser can pay you a lot even more than 100$ for a single post and even more for keeping his banner on your blog's home page.
i hope you will start making money by blogging advertising.

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