Sunday, November 22, 2009

pay you to write

Have you ever heard that someone will pay you if you write something. i will show you example with lot of things where you shall be paid for work.At first i will show you an example Life . This blog is paid for writing. if you open this blog Life you will see a lot of posts over there with some link in that post. that link is the advertiser's link. And that advertiser has paid him for that work.But one thing that i would like to say that you will have to go to a place where advertiser and blogger both meet on a platform. i have lot of such websites where bloggers and advertisers meet and a blogger is getting job for posting about the advertiser. i can't show you whole here but you can see them on the right hand side of my blog. see over there a lot of banner is there. click all of them and join each and every one if you have blogs. you will be earning money in a great way. i hope you will enjoy writing over there.

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Anonymous said...

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