Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Make Money by my blog

You come to right place for little income. what are the needs to have income from my blogs.
1. one paypal account for money transfer.if you don't have paypal account don't worry just sign up here for the paypal account.
Additional Options

2. you must have one email id and computer connection in your home or at cybercafe.

You can earn up to 0.05$ for a single time. you can't earn it again and again.
what you will have to do?
1.Open any three of the five blogs i am giving you here. blog fun
c.Natural photos
d.Review the world
e.Ser o sayri

2. click on the one ad of bidvertiser from each blog. and leave a comment on that blog. keep the advertisement page opened for 5 minutes.
3.In the form below you mention the blog you opened and the url of the advertisement page you opened. after then i will track the clicked ad from my software.
4. mention your paypal emial id in the contact form.
5. after verification i will pay you your money in paypal.
6. WARNING click only one ad of one blog.
4. Then contact me by filling this form.

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Nur affinah said...

I have gone through your site information and it is the same opportunity that I was looking for. The facilities, the process that what you are offering are perfectly matched to my Expectation & very soon you will get Response from my side.

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