Thursday, October 22, 2009

paid to post

There are lots of way for income. One of my friend told me about a new website which i tried to see. when i opened it i got amazed that it really pays and is very easy to work and earn.
what is the website name?
Typegetrich is the website name.
How to sign up?
just go the website and at the end of home page you will see a link named register just click it and join the website.
what should be your qualification?
you should have good typing speed and should know little good enlgish. By knowing this only you can join the website and start earning.
what will you have to do?
you need to post some article on the forum. They do link building for the website and they are very helpful for your support.
how would they pay for your work?
they will pay via Paypal Moneybookers
How many hours a day should I work?
You can work from 5 minutes to 24 hours a day - as you wish. No limits. You can work 1 day a month, or 30 days a month.
just hurry up and join it.