Friday, December 23, 2011

How to increase blog traffic

I have to put my title like that as a lot of people search for "how to increase blog traffic". Even i used to look for how to increase my blog traffic. As a blogger everyone wants to have a good number of traffic to their blog. I have visited many post related to traffic on blog or how to increase blog traffic.
But here i would like to post my experience and how i managed to increase my traffic.
 What i would request you if u really want to increase traffic is- STRATEGY.
We read something and forget about it. So, first thing you must maintain one strategy about about your blog. Now i am posting some points and kindly maintain it for your blog.

1. First and foremost thing that you are posting it for reader not for yourself. So you must post as per user i.e reader requirement. So, see what is the search keyword for your blog. Or by which search words readers are coming on your blog. Make a list of them and post valued and very informative article related to those keywords. It will help you in bringing a good traffic. If you don't know how to find out keyword of your blog or what should be keyword of your blog then you must think about the topic or subject you are covering in your blog. Apart from that you can search for the keywords of your blog from google.

2.Submit your blog to search engine. This can be done by pinging your blog. How to ping your blog.? You can get it on that link and find detail on what is pinging, how it will benefit and how to do it.

3. Social networking- This is one of the effective tool to bring a good traffic on your blog. Make a fan page of your blog on facebook and promote it. you can digg your page. By digging digg search about your content on blog page and it gives to many search engine searchable. Apart form that you can stumble it. It has the same function of submitting your blog content to searchable engine and good number of reader. A great number of blogger do digging and stumbling of their blog. They search for good blog and to comment on them. Hence the get comment back and get good traffic from there. So, it would be advisable to join both the website and keep posting your blog there and have lot of friends in order to get good traffic.

4. One of the most important thing is see from where a lot of traffic is coming and devote your time on them. I am just giving you one example.
  • If your blog is getting traffic from facebook then you must devote your time on facebook fan page.
  • If it is coming from stumble,digg, then devote your time on that source and the way readers are coming on.
  • if the traffic is via your blog comment on others then keep commenting on other's blog and leave your url over there in order to get readers to your page.
  • If search is coming directly form search engine then you must devote time on SEO i.e. search engine optimization key word. Track the key work by which your blog is getting searched and keep posting a serious topic related to that key word.
I would like to hear some more tips from you as  comment. And at last give some picture in your every post as every one like beautiful pictures. So, your blog reader as well.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog linked to your Google+ account

It was awesome, i just opened my blogspot and found that i can integrate my blog with Google+ account. You might think what would be effect of it. I think Google is going ahead of facebook in some days in terms of blogger user. If you have a blog associated with blogger then you would love to have more and more visitors/traffic on your blog. I am just describing you how it will give a good benefit to blogger.

What does a blogger want for his blog?
They always want a good, organic and permanent traffic for the blog. Which encourages them to write more good and original post. if their traffic increases then obviously their revenue from blog will increase.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

What is the effect of ping on your blog

Everybody wants their blog's post to come on the first page of the google in search. But it happens with a lot of reasons. i would like to mention some of them and would like you to try it as well. I hope you must have your own blog then only you would be looking for this post. If you don't have make one of your choice it is free on blogger. Then please come to this post. You are here to know exactly what happens when you ping your blog.
How does it make changes to your content to internet surfer?
Blog pinging means that you are calling google bots to crawl your blog content and index in
their database. so that when somebody search for the content that your blog has, your blog comes on google serps( search result pages). If you have updated your blog and yet google crawler has not crawled your page then by using ping service you are inviting them to crawl your blog's latest post.
How it is going to benefit your blog?

Saturday, December 10, 2011 scam or legit is a scam or legitimate. I also tried hard to find out the fact about this website and i thought of investing money in to in order to test the legimacy of the website.
What this had promised?
It had promised 2% daily return on your investment. Yes it is paying up to now.It will keep showing that yest you have earned money in your account. But i will suggest you guys to keep away from this investment.How i am explaining it below?
How do they used to pay?
Initially they used to pay via Liberty reserve a very legitimate e-currency website. But what this people has done is they have created one their own e-currency website e-dollarpoint to scam people. Now it will show that you have earned money. And they will payout as well in new payout website edollarpoint. But when you are going to incash that money they won't incash in to your bank account. This scam is bing done by website owner.

So is a totally scam and not a legitimate website and investment option. What ever they are promising is for short period and they can take away with your hard earned money.Be alert and don't invest in this scam website.

Friday, December 9, 2011

How to create a facebook fan page for your blog

Every blogger wants to drive traffic to their blog. Now you know that social media has become very strong and you can get a lot of good traffic from them. Facebook is one of the social network where world lives. A great amount of world lives there all the time. So, it's easy to let them visit your blog time to time and you will get organic traffic from them.

Then the question arises how to create a facebook fan page for your blog?

Just follow the simple steps below to create a facebook fan page for your blog.

1. Go to or directly to to create a page. You are at the first step on how to create a facebook fan page for your blog
2.Select Brand and product category from all of the tabs.

3. Now it comes to upload a picture for your facebook fan page for your blog. Give a very good and meaningful picture in order to have a good impression to fan.

4. it will ask to share on your wall or to invite your friends. choose accordingly for your facebook fan page.

5. Now you need to give some basic information of your blog and their address. Make a good description about your blog and what it deals with.

6. Your facebook fan page is ready now. Post as you wish and what you wish.

Is this post helpful in creating a facebook fan page or need to be improved. Kindly help if you feel in your comments.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sorry for the inconvenience

Hey guys sorry for the inconvenience. I had just changed my blog address for trial and i lost you all from my page. i have restored it again and hope you would enjoy it now thanks.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

how to ping your blog post

It is a question on how to ping your blog post. Before this i would like to tell you
what is pinging?
Pinging is nothing but just informing different search engine that you have updated your blog. If you have updated your blog by some new post then either search engine's crawler will catch your post else you have to do it manually. If your blog is of good rank then they crawl you automatically. But if you are new then it will be beneficial for you to ping your blog.
I just got on very goo tool to ping. Just click on the webiste
Now you can see clearly what you have to do.
Just enter your blog name and home page address. if you want to add rss url of your blog then just  do as i say. Put the link just by removing my blog by your own blog address and let rest be same.
Put that address in rss url option.
Apart from this you can do direct pinging of your blog. Just remove my blog address and put your blog address and directly copy and paste it in address bar of your browser. your blog will be submitted to respective search engine directly.

If you want a detailed description on it then just go to my blog post.

Google's free website servicenfor small business in india

Google is offering a  free website solution to small busniesses in India.
What's more, It will provide free online and phone-based hand-holding support to the budding website owners. Google has started registration for free web-hosting and site-creation through HostGator is partnering with Google to host the websites free for one year.
Google's offer will help nearly five hundred thousand small and medium business enterprises in India, who do not have a web presence due to likely costs and lack of knowhow on web technology.
In india we have over 800,000 small and medium enterprises. Most of these are scattered in small towns and rural areas. Internet is fast penetrating Indian rural areas and its young generation is quite comfortable with doing personal and business transactions on the net.
This is a huge gesture from the internet giant, and will generate goodwill among small businesses. Many of these enterprises will turn big in the years to come. Besides, this will initiate small and medium business owners, their employees and customers into internet services. While it helps the companies, it will also generate incomes for Google because of goodwill, brand building and first-mover advantaage.
It is offering one year free hosting and after that if you wish to continue then you can by paying their charges. Steps in setting up website is very easy and friendly. Apart from that they have given one toll free help line on the website. If you want to call any time you can call and seek help from them.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

the four hour work week

Have you ever heard about this book "the four hour work week" by Tim ferris. I just bought that book and amazed to see the content of it. Though i have not finished the book. But i could read in between the pages and found it is related to online job. There are lot's of tricks on how to make your life simple and easy. How you can make money on daily basis. It was amazing for me. i have started applying his tricks in making online money. i would suggest you to visit his blog  . i hope you will love all his experiments with life.
i will keep posting about him if get something.

Monday, November 7, 2011

online writing jobs

Have you ever thought of making money by wring online. Yes! you can make money by publishing your article on some pages of some websites. Online writing jobs pay your for the pages visited by visitors of your articles.
I found of the website which pays you for publishing your articles. That website you can find by clicking here.

What you will have to do this online writing jobs?
You have to write about 100-250 words on any articles you are interested. Then you need to publish on the website here.

What is the precaution you will have to follow?
Please don't copy and paste the articles from the internet world. As they have system that will catch you and will reject your atricle automatically. So, in online writing jobs you will have to compose your original article.

How do they pay?
They pay you via paypal for the money made by you by publishing your aritcle on their website.
Is there any certain limit of payout?
Yes they do have and you can get the information about online writing jobs and their payout on that website you can get it easily.
Hope you liked it dear
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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

why image verification?

At many places you might have seen image verification. Do you know why image verification is given at some places. Image verification is needed to beat attackers. who might try to make the website too busy or they may keep spamming like giving comment to any blog.
There are software which will automatically do the commenting job on some website or blog a lot of time as per instruction. it is like spamming on website or blog. if you have image verification then those software can't do that repetative work. then they will have to eneter the written word in to the desired space. otherwise they shall not be able to comment on the blog or website.
i have personally got 38 same and repetative comments on a post of my blog. i had not given them image verification so they could spam. now i have given image verification and they have to enter the value in the picture to the desired space to comment on my blog. so now they can't spam on my blog.
you must enter an image verification in order to be spam free.

trade exhibition

table cover

Trade show exhibitions are used at variety of events to present their products, build awareness, ideas and many more things. Trade show is a great place to show your products to potential customers. You can show products in printed form or graphics form. Those materials are extremely portable and utilize a shipping case that can be checked in a luggage. You can use many more different methods like practical presentation to customers about the benefit of their products to attract customers at trade show.

Event table covers are fashion now. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors. You can choose for your events that can be printed in rich colors with your own logo. Adding logo to your table covers makes it more fashionable and attractive. Those table covers can be used at trade fairs, conventions, in stores, party and other events.

Table top display should match your table top and type of party. It is little bit difficult to choose proper table top display with party matching and table top cover. But you can choose it which one is suitable for your table top and party. They come in panel systems, pop ups, banner stands etc. Presents should choose table cover with table top display so that it can suit the place properly.

Director’s chairs are made of hardwood usually. It has been used in the film industry and industry for long time. Those chairs should have passionate look in them. Apart from that it should be very well designed and decorated so that first impression could be the best.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

paid to answer on yahoo

micro worker website
In your google search you might have found yahoo answer many times to your many queries at the beginning. It implies that yahoo answer is valued a lot by google. And other website owner is getting benefit of it.
i am telling you in detail how and what makes money in answering on yahoo.
What a website owner does want? 

They want to bring a lot of organic or inorganic traffic to their website any how by paying for answer on yahoo or other methods.

Do they have time to link everywhere in websites?

The website owner can't give their link to every where from where they could get traffic to their website or blog. So, they choose people who gives answer on yahoo and tell them to give the link of their website when you are going to answer any question related to their website. And in turn they pay you for answering on yahoo answers.
Where you have to go to get this job?
i will suggest you the best website where i also got paid for the yahoo answer job. click on the link below to sign up and start earning money. i will assure you thing no one is going to pay without work. you will get work here and will be paid for the same.
 what to do on this website?
you just click on the link micro work website and sign up. then go for available jobs and search the job of yahoo answer. you will get a job easily and can earn up to 2$ by answering on yahoo. you will be paid to your paypal account. if you don't have paypal account then go to my post make paypal account. you can signup and easily get money to your account through paypal.
proof of payment 

Friday, January 7, 2011

blogspot free template

Template is one of the factor that attracts visitors to your website. if you have your blog like mine on blogspot then now you can get more and more free blogspot template from other website.This time you can see that blogspot has enhanced its capability of designing new templates. There are lot of other free websites as well where you can get free blogspot template.
if you go to this website you will find a lot of free templates.
what are the benefits of good template?
If you have a very good template then visitors stay on your blog for longer period of time. it gives a feeling to the visitors that writer of blog/ website is serious to it's content.

will it increase your pr?
if the number of visitors to your page increases daily and they keep visiting your blog again and again then your PR will go high and high.