Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google's free website servicenfor small business in india

Google is offering a  free website solution to small busniesses in India.
What's more, It will provide free online and phone-based hand-holding support to the budding website owners. Google has started registration for free web-hosting and site-creation through HostGator is partnering with Google to host the websites free for one year.
Google's offer will help nearly five hundred thousand small and medium business enterprises in India, who do not have a web presence due to likely costs and lack of knowhow on web technology.
In india we have over 800,000 small and medium enterprises. Most of these are scattered in small towns and rural areas. Internet is fast penetrating Indian rural areas and its young generation is quite comfortable with doing personal and business transactions on the net.
This is a huge gesture from the internet giant, and will generate goodwill among small businesses. Many of these enterprises will turn big in the years to come. Besides, this will initiate small and medium business owners, their employees and customers into internet services. While it helps the companies, it will also generate incomes for Google because of goodwill, brand building and first-mover advantaage.
It is offering one year free hosting and after that if you wish to continue then you can by paying their charges. Steps in setting up website is very easy and friendly. Apart from that they have given one toll free help line on the website. If you want to call any time you can call and seek help from them.
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