Sunday, January 9, 2011

paid to answer on yahoo

micro worker website
In your google search you might have found yahoo answer many times to your many queries at the beginning. It implies that yahoo answer is valued a lot by google. And other website owner is getting benefit of it.
i am telling you in detail how and what makes money in answering on yahoo.
What a website owner does want? 

They want to bring a lot of organic or inorganic traffic to their website any how by paying for answer on yahoo or other methods.

Do they have time to link everywhere in websites?

The website owner can't give their link to every where from where they could get traffic to their website or blog. So, they choose people who gives answer on yahoo and tell them to give the link of their website when you are going to answer any question related to their website. And in turn they pay you for answering on yahoo answers.
Where you have to go to get this job?
i will suggest you the best website where i also got paid for the yahoo answer job. click on the link below to sign up and start earning money. i will assure you thing no one is going to pay without work. you will get work here and will be paid for the same.
 what to do on this website?
you just click on the link micro work website and sign up. then go for available jobs and search the job of yahoo answer. you will get a job easily and can earn up to 2$ by answering on yahoo. you will be paid to your paypal account. if you don't have paypal account then go to my post make paypal account. you can signup and easily get money to your account through paypal.
proof of payment 


Makhdoom said...

Sir , I want that I work in Yahoo Answer But Not Know Method Please Help me and tell me that How we get Free Account in Yahoo Answer .
Thanks For Understanding !

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