Thursday, November 17, 2011

how to ping your blog post

It is a question on how to ping your blog post. Before this i would like to tell you
what is pinging?
Pinging is nothing but just informing different search engine that you have updated your blog. If you have updated your blog by some new post then either search engine's crawler will catch your post else you have to do it manually. If your blog is of good rank then they crawl you automatically. But if you are new then it will be beneficial for you to ping your blog.
I just got on very goo tool to ping. Just click on the webiste
Now you can see clearly what you have to do.
Just enter your blog name and home page address. if you want to add rss url of your blog then just  do as i say. Put the link just by removing my blog by your own blog address and let rest be same.
Put that address in rss url option.
Apart from this you can do direct pinging of your blog. Just remove my blog address and put your blog address and directly copy and paste it in address bar of your browser. your blog will be submitted to respective search engine directly.

If you want a detailed description on it then just go to my blog post.


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