Sunday, December 18, 2011

Blog linked to your Google+ account

It was awesome, i just opened my blogspot and found that i can integrate my blog with Google+ account. You might think what would be effect of it. I think Google is going ahead of facebook in some days in terms of blogger user. If you have a blog associated with blogger then you would love to have more and more visitors/traffic on your blog. I am just describing you how it will give a good benefit to blogger.

What does a blogger want for his blog?
They always want a good, organic and permanent traffic for the blog. Which encourages them to write more good and original post. if their traffic increases then obviously their revenue from blog will increase.

How Google+ will help blogger in bringing traffic to his blog?
Google+ is a social network like orkut and facebook. You will have a lots of friends on that social network. When ever you are going to have new post on your blog, it will be automatically updated in your status. And hence your new post will be visible to all of your friends. Among them some like your post and may visit your blog hence no need of posting your blog to any social diretory. It will automatically drive a good traffic from Google+.

There was such thing in facebook as well. Where you had to create your fan page and then your blog will be updated via atom/rss feed of your blog. On facebook you can get a lots of fan but for them you have to work on your fan page a lot. But in Google+ you need not to do any thing else.
I hope it will also increase my traffic of my blog. If you have any query you can revert back.

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