Sunday, March 1, 2009

blog sitemap submission to google

it has become necessary to submit the site map of your website or blog.There are lot of websites like you so search engine is not going to catch you. Though if your website has a lot of link popularity then it can add you in your search engine. i will tell you how to submit your site map to google.At first you will have to go to the google webmaster tool. google webmaster tool. you will see there a picture like this as it has been shown below.

Now you have added your site or blog to the google webmaster tool. Now you will have to verify your site.To verify your site webmaster tool gives metatag and html tag,try to use metatag. select the metatag as it has been shown in the picture and copy the meta will have to paste it in your html coding of your blog or website just below the head. you can see an example by just clicking show me an example just below.And save the html page after then click will verify your site ownership.

Now you have verified your blog or website. Now you can see a link that will say you to index your it you will find a picture like can also click sitemap just left of the page. now what you have to do is to fill in the blanks after for example,,,,
you can see in the picture that your blog name will we there you just need to type after .com/(..........) it is one of the effective way to sumit your blog to google search engine.
you can do it for all of your websites or blogs.

It will take few hours or day to verify your site or blog. now you can check the status of your website or blog. After submission you will see your page picture like this if there is some error then resubmit it.Or type the blank space in above picture correctly it will do ok all things.

In the bottom of your blogger page you can find webmaster tool you can do your work from there as well. As it has been shown in this picture.

you can find a lot of feature in this page. you can see a snapshot of the picture where a lot of things has been can see how many have subscribed to your website.

thank you read my post. now one thing more to submit on other search engine just do what i say below. copy and paste the linke that i will give below. in place of my onlinejobbyshaswat you write your blog name. copy it and paste it in the address bar of your browser.

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