Saturday, January 2, 2010

earn by writing articles

This website has been launched recently and is going to rock soon in future.

Name of the website:- earn by articles click the link to join the website.

where did i get the website?
this is a sister website of microworkers. you might be knowing that it is a great website for small workers to make money.

what is the payment method of the website?

This website pays you via paypal, moneybookers and alertpay. when you reach the minimum payout then you will have to request for the payment. they will send a PIN to your home for address verification. when you receive the PIN then you need to enter it in that website. after then they start paying you regularly in your paypal account.

what are the qualification you should have to do work over there?

if you can write good and unique articles then you can make a lot money from that site. you will have to write articles as per their requirements. if they get satisfied then they pay you for the work.

is it open for whole world?
yes the country where paypal, moneybookers or alertpay can give money in your country. then you can join the website. i think all these are available for whole world. if any of three options are available then you can make great money.

can i request for the articles to get written?
yes you can request for articles. you can deposit money from your paypal, moneybookers or alertpay. you can deposit 10$, 25$ and many more options are there. but you can only deposit money by above mentioned methods only.

Why do the verify address?
for the legal reason they had to verify your address.
one time more the website address is here:- Join and write articles

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