Thursday, October 22, 2009

paid to post

There are lots of way for income. One of my friend told me about a new website which i tried to see. when i opened it i got amazed that it really pays and is very easy to work and earn.
what is the website name?
Typegetrich is the website name.
How to sign up?
just go the website and at the end of home page you will see a link named register just click it and join the website.
what should be your qualification?
you should have good typing speed and should know little good enlgish. By knowing this only you can join the website and start earning.
what will you have to do?
you need to post some article on the forum. They do link building for the website and they are very helpful for your support.
how would they pay for your work?
they will pay via Paypal Moneybookers
How many hours a day should I work?
You can work from 5 minutes to 24 hours a day - as you wish. No limits. You can work 1 day a month, or 30 days a month.
just hurry up and join it.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

make money by blogging

How to make money by blogging?
Have you ever heard or thought to make money by the things that you really enjoy. if you like blog posting you can do it many of the persons do it. i also do in on regular basis to enjoy and learn some thing from internet. But when i came to know that i can make some bucks by blog advertising on my blog. My blog is famous one so i tried to find out the advertiser for my blog and i got one. i am getting paid by this advertiser on monthly basis.
Advertise on blogs
I think my story might have amazed you and now you might be thinking to earn some money by blogging as well. Obviously you can do it. But what is necessary is to keep your blog up to date so that there is no fall in the number of visitors to your blog. As advertiser want more and more traffic of you blog so that his website could be visited as well.
what will keep your advertiser stick to your blog?
your blog posts must be informative so that reader could get for what he has come there. if your blog would be informative then reader would stick to your blog for longer must have heard about wikepedia where you can stuck for hours why?
the simple answer is that it is informative and interesting.One of the most important thing that i would like to say that your contents should be unique and informative. Don't copy it from others. And make regular posts on the blog centered to a single topic.
How much one can make money by blogging?
i will say unlimited. Really one blogger can earn unlimited money by blogging. you must be a good and smart in posting the post of the blog contents.advertiser can pay you a lot even more than 100$ for a single post and even more for keeping his banner on your blog's home page.
i hope you will start making money by blogging advertising.

Web directories

A web directory consists of list of all the good business websites. It has become important these days to submit your business website to directories so that your website could be found out easily.A good web directory contains a list of various websites which have been compiled by website reviewers. When looking for a website directory for suitable links for your business, it is important to consider a few issues.
It is your business objective. What is your business objective and you will have put the link of your website in that manner so that people could easily find it out what they are looking for. A lots of free and paid business web directory are there on the internet you can find it. when you pay for the website submission to the directory you must watch the improvement of the website rank and the customers you got.Most of the time these websites are reviewed and listed by human beings like you and me. This may leave some room for mistakes. Make sure that you avoid web directorythat seem to be unreliable. Choose a directory that promises to get you links to other sites that are frequented most by your target market. Remember that the main objective is to optimize your profits, do not do anything that might jeopardize this.
The best web directories are of Yahoo directory,DMOZ,Business,BOTW. you can use these business web directory for your business website to earn a lots.

The one benefit that website directories have over search engines is their efficiency.Directories should be SEO friendly web directory so that search engine could find your website easily.You will find that your business is soaring high and high on the internet.