Sunday, May 17, 2009

how to improve the ranking of your website.

when you create a website for some specific purpose then the next problem that come is the improving the ranking of the page. Improving the google page rank of your website is most important thing. there are lots of way that webmasters say about improving page rank of your website. i would like to suggest some specific ways that will improve the google page rank of your website.

1.include quality content to your website.
when ever some one comes to your website with some hope then don't turn him down by faking him. if your site is good then he will bookmark your site and will visit again and again.

2.submit your site to various web directories.

submitting your website to various web directories proves that your website has quality content and can be helpful to the internet searcher. as there are people in web directories they review your website then submit it in to directories.
3.publish your wherever your can
publishing your website any where will catch the eye of people and they will click on it. if they find that it is good site then they will visit it again and again. this will also create link for your website.
* Business cards
* Letterhead
* Newsletters
* Brochures
* Press Releases
* Fax cover sheets
* Email signatures
4. publish a newsletter about your website
publish a newsletter about your website it will attract the people to your website. it will also remind them about your website.
5.Provide a Rich Site Summary (RSS)
it is also call RSS is a lightweight XML format for distributing news headlines and other content on the Web. others will be able to view the published content of your website.
6.linking your site to other high quality website.
this improves your website too much as whenever there shall be some visitor to that high quality web content site then your website will be crawled by google spider. which will improve the page rank of your website. answers in improving your website
it is very nice and one of the most effective way to improve your website. yahoo answer will help too much. just sign in to yahoo answers and answer some question that has been asked by many people on it. along with your answer you leave your website address for that answer. this will improve your website too much. i have seen my self that in google search your your answer with your website will come in first page of google search.
8. forum posting in improving your website rank.
forum posting is one of the best way to improve your website. whenever you post something on forum then leave a link of your website it will make a link of your website on that site and in google search you will see that your website is coming in 1st page with those answers of forum. As most of the forum are of good quality content and many visitors visit that so their ranking is good. leaving your website address on forum make a link for your website.

9.SEO technique in improving your website rank.
i think i should write it in the beginning of the post but i did it last. but it is one of the most important technique used in web content writing for improving the google page rank. you might have been thinking what is SEO technique?
search engine optimisation is it's full form. there are lot of ways in seo tehnique.
one thing among those is key word rich web content. whenever you write for your website then you make some keyword for that content. and try to use most of the time that key word.i.e. your website is about online job. then when you are going to write your web content then try to use word online job, online money, online cash, earn online, thus your are making your web content rich by some words. but don't use online job again and again all the time. In that case spider of google search will catch you and may make those words as dead word. in that case spider is not going to catch those words as your keywords.
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