Monday, February 2, 2009

earn from blogging

i am doing my income from blogging.To improve your blog you need some tipstoblog. i could find one blog which have improved my blogging is tipstoblog. you can learn what you should write and how you can attract the visitors daily to increase the traffic of your blog.
so you must be thinking of making money by blogging.if you have a good ranking blog then you can earn from blogging.If you don't have then make your blog famous.what you will have to do is to let it get registered some site that i am telling you. there that website meet some advertiser which need to get written about their product or website on your blog.if you write about them on your blog as per the requirements then they will pay you as per the price you have told as a charge. they pay you after 30 days the day your written material has been approved. you will have to simply write something regarding their product or something that they will say. payment method is mostly via paypal.
SMORTY.COM--it is one of the good paying site your blog need to be google indexed will pay you via paypal. just see the link of smorty on my page click on it and open a account and submit your blog.
BUYBLOGREVIEWS.COM and PAYU2BLOG.COM-- it is exactly like, the advertiser on this site will tell you to write about them and you will decide as per your pagerank how much money you pays via paypal.
BLOGVERTISE.COMare also exactly like above all you just clik the link and signup there. submit your blog and start earning there. they pay via paypal. you can earn as per page rank if your page rank is PR1-PR4 you can earn 6 to 7$ per post if your PR is above that then you will be paid more and more. this is also a good paying site. it pay you via paypal. the bid rate here that you will get is 20$ and even more.The famous blogs do get a lot from their blogging. if you want to join these service then click the banner of all these service on my blog and join it.

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thanks for the tips about blogging. i could learn a lot from your blog. thanks shambhu kumar for the post you have made in your blog.