Sunday, November 22, 2009

pay you to write

Have you ever heard that someone will pay you if you write something. i will show you example with lot of things where you shall be paid for work.At first i will show you an example Life . This blog is paid for writing. if you open this blog Life you will see a lot of posts over there with some link in that post. that link is the advertiser's link. And that advertiser has paid him for that work.But one thing that i would like to say that you will have to go to a place where advertiser and blogger both meet on a platform. i have lot of such websites where bloggers and advertisers meet and a blogger is getting job for posting about the advertiser. i can't show you whole here but you can see them on the right hand side of my blog. see over there a lot of banner is there. click all of them and join each and every one if you have blogs. you will be earning money in a great way. i hope you will enjoy writing over there.

mylot a scam or not

When i came to know about this website i really got amazed that this website is going to pay for my post. At first i didn't believe it but later i could find that website is really nice. what is needed is just to follow the rules of the website and keep posting. No one can say how exactly they pay but as per my experience they pay 0.05$ each post you make on the website.
How you can sign up in this website?
Just follow this link My Lot and sign up and start discussion and making money.
How they pay the money you earned?
They pay you when you reach the minimum payout of at the website. When you would reach 10$ then they will make your payment on your request in your paypal account. If you don't have paypal account don't worry i will help you in making paypal account.Just click the banner and make your paypal account.

Additional Options
What is restricted in the post at  My Lot?
you can't post the link of your website in mylot. otherwise administrator will remove that post and may decrease your money. they will not pay for the post when you post any sort of link in the post.
Any proof of the payment?
They are paypal verified website and they really pay. I am personally saying you that i got paid for the post in this website.
Hey guys just join it and start making money.