Saturday, April 18, 2009

truth of

you might have heard about a review writing website it is totally fake site. i had gone to that site and written a for a good income. I had made there a great money. But when it comes to the day of payment they started telling that you have not been qualified for the review. they should tell this before but they didn't. they blocked my account. after then i told the administrator that please delete my all reviews as i didn't get paid. he promised that they would delete. but they didn't delete it. they used my reviews but didn't pay me. so i warn you all guys about that fake site that don't join that site. otherwise you are going to be the next victim.

how to increase traffic

this is a good question for each and every person that how they can increase the traffic of their website. there are lot of ways they must be knowing. i have already explained it in previous article.if you want to have a look on those article then just go in older post or just below post of this post. one of the easiest way to increase traffic to join this site. just click the link below and submit your site. you submit your site in this site and get click exchanged. most of the clickers are from USA. so go hurry and sign in here to increase the traffic of your website. if the traffic of your website is good then your page rank will go high in goole. - Your Free Traffic Exchange - 1:1 Exchange Ratio, 5-Tier Referral Program. FREE Advertising!

Friday, April 17, 2009

fake news letter seller

one of the most interesting thing that i would like to share with you all friends. when you will search for onlinejob you will find a lot of sites with a newsletter type. where owner of the website(just to make you fool) would tell you that they have lot of this to do. they have a book from where you can earn a lot of money. but all of those are fake and you will get nothing after buying this book. they will give you a lot of way to make you fool.there are lot of jobs like personal assistant and phone receiving like job. if some site is asking to just submit your email and promise to give some job without any money then only sign in there. as the company is not going to charge any money for their job. And the website holder get paid for such job. if you would like to get a good job i will tell you to go.
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

make money by blogging

if you have blog then it is easy to make money. But it should be at least 3 moths old. when you have started blogging then you will earn money. first thing for blogging earing you will have to do is to open a paypal can join paypal by clicking the below banner to earn by blogging.
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you can make blog without cost on on that domain my blog is there. when you get a good google page rank like pr1 or pr2 then you will start earning money a lot.advertiser on some directory will tell you to write about their blog and and give some link of their website you can do it simply. i am going to tell you some sites where you can submit your blog and start earning.
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this is one of the best site for blogger to earn. you will be paid via paypal. the rate vary from minimum of 4$ to 20$ per post. apart from that if the page rank of your blog is 6 or 7 then you can charge even 1000$ for a post.
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on the below listed site you will have to submit your blog to it. there will be lot of advertiser who would like to advertise by your blog. what you need is to write about their website and make 2 or 3 link of their website. by using simple html coding you can create a link. to improve your blog you must submit your blog in different directories i have a great list for those lists.
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it is one of the easy submitting site. you just need your blog to get cought in goole search. it also pay you via paypal. no other mode of payment is there for blogger to earn by blogging. so you must create an account in paypal.
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there is another publisher site where you can earn is payperpost and