Monday, May 21, 2012

Zurker share holder

you must be got amazed that you can be share holder of the website. If you are member of Zurker and you have invited your friends then you have stake of this social networking site zurker. Currently this share is not real but when this social networking site will be public you will have those shares in real then. When
How it is different from facebook and tweeter?
facebook and tweeter is owned by few investors and they are making big money by it. But if you are member of Zurker then you are share holder of this social networking site.You will get the revenue generated by it's site. Isn't it a big idea. Inventor of this social networking site don't want to make money for himself but also for users who is part and parcel of zurker. You are not going to have a check next day you own share of it. But when this will be listed on stock exchange you will have that much amount of shares in your account.
Can it go beyond faceboo, tweeter and google+?
It is the thing to wait and watch. No one can say what is going to happen next. But because inventor of this website is real inventor of facebook so i think it can crack that world. But the best thing is to wait and watch.
Why you should bother to join it?
If you become a member then you are not going to loose anything but. You will be shareholder of this website and when it will be listed in stock exchange you will be owner of shares you earn right now.
you can join this website by click Zurker.