Saturday, December 10, 2011 scam or legit is a scam or legitimate. I also tried hard to find out the fact about this website and i thought of investing money in to in order to test the legimacy of the website.
What this had promised?
It had promised 2% daily return on your investment. Yes it is paying up to now.It will keep showing that yest you have earned money in your account. But i will suggest you guys to keep away from this investment.How i am explaining it below?
How do they used to pay?
Initially they used to pay via Liberty reserve a very legitimate e-currency website. But what this people has done is they have created one their own e-currency website e-dollarpoint to scam people. Now it will show that you have earned money. And they will payout as well in new payout website edollarpoint. But when you are going to incash that money they won't incash in to your bank account. This scam is bing done by website owner.

So is a totally scam and not a legitimate website and investment option. What ever they are promising is for short period and they can take away with your hard earned money.Be alert and don't invest in this scam website.

Friday, December 9, 2011

How to create a facebook fan page for your blog

Every blogger wants to drive traffic to their blog. Now you know that social media has become very strong and you can get a lot of good traffic from them. Facebook is one of the social network where world lives. A great amount of world lives there all the time. So, it's easy to let them visit your blog time to time and you will get organic traffic from them.

Then the question arises how to create a facebook fan page for your blog?

Just follow the simple steps below to create a facebook fan page for your blog.

1. Go to or directly to to create a page. You are at the first step on how to create a facebook fan page for your blog
2.Select Brand and product category from all of the tabs.

3. Now it comes to upload a picture for your facebook fan page for your blog. Give a very good and meaningful picture in order to have a good impression to fan.

4. it will ask to share on your wall or to invite your friends. choose accordingly for your facebook fan page.

5. Now you need to give some basic information of your blog and their address. Make a good description about your blog and what it deals with.

6. Your facebook fan page is ready now. Post as you wish and what you wish.

Is this post helpful in creating a facebook fan page or need to be improved. Kindly help if you feel in your comments.