Wednesday, January 19, 2011

why image verification?

At many places you might have seen image verification. Do you know why image verification is given at some places. Image verification is needed to beat attackers. who might try to make the website too busy or they may keep spamming like giving comment to any blog.
There are software which will automatically do the commenting job on some website or blog a lot of time as per instruction. it is like spamming on website or blog. if you have image verification then those software can't do that repetative work. then they will have to eneter the written word in to the desired space. otherwise they shall not be able to comment on the blog or website.
i have personally got 38 same and repetative comments on a post of my blog. i had not given them image verification so they could spam. now i have given image verification and they have to enter the value in the picture to the desired space to comment on my blog. so now they can't spam on my blog.
you must enter an image verification in order to be spam free.

trade exhibition

table cover

Trade show exhibitions are used at variety of events to present their products, build awareness, ideas and many more things. Trade show is a great place to show your products to potential customers. You can show products in printed form or graphics form. Those materials are extremely portable and utilize a shipping case that can be checked in a luggage. You can use many more different methods like practical presentation to customers about the benefit of their products to attract customers at trade show.

Event table covers are fashion now. It comes in a variety of shapes and colors. You can choose for your events that can be printed in rich colors with your own logo. Adding logo to your table covers makes it more fashionable and attractive. Those table covers can be used at trade fairs, conventions, in stores, party and other events.

Table top display should match your table top and type of party. It is little bit difficult to choose proper table top display with party matching and table top cover. But you can choose it which one is suitable for your table top and party. They come in panel systems, pop ups, banner stands etc. Presents should choose table cover with table top display so that it can suit the place properly.

Director’s chairs are made of hardwood usually. It has been used in the film industry and industry for long time. Those chairs should have passionate look in them. Apart from that it should be very well designed and decorated so that first impression could be the best.