Saturday, February 20, 2010

expert make money for your knowledge

Every person is expert in some area. you must be expert in your area. if you are a technical person then you are expert in technical field. if someone is expert in nursing then he/she can do well in that area. the person would know more than other person. In this way that person can tell us more informative things regarding his area.

Have you ever tried to make money by area in which you are expert? Your career might be related to the area you are expert in. if your career is related to that then you must be enjoying that career. Actually everyone should do job of his/her interest. Have you ever tried to make money using your skill online. if you are expert in one area then you can post your ideas and views. the readers will rate your idea and you will be paid for that.
Have you ever found any such website?
i could find such a website Ezdia. it is really an expert hub. Here you can show your talent and make money.

what you will have to do?
you will have to sign up with choosing your expert area.

what is job?
you will have to write post about your area and you will have to post more and more knowledge in it.

how your post will be rated?
your post will be rated by the readers. as per their ratings you will be paid for the work.