Thursday, December 24, 2009

Upload file and share it on blog

I have lot of tricks how to make you visitors to come to your website or blog again and again. if you have a blog related to latest songs, latest photos, e-books, some file sharing blog or website. then you will have to upload your file some where on internet. there are lot of services you will find about uploading file on website. but today i could find one website named uploading file. i could see it is working very easily. if you don't sign up even then you can upload up to some limitation and can get you link of that uploaded file. Just put the link on your blog. Visitors wanted to download that file will click on it. it will increase the faith of your blog visitors to come to you again and again. i hope you might have understood a lot of things.
please see one song that i have uploaded in that website
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Sunday, December 20, 2009

awsurvey a scam or not

1. This website is about doing survey.  if you do survey they DON"T pay you via paypal or alertpay. they never pay any one any money dear.
2.They promise 1.25$ each for each referral you refer. And 4$ for one survey. Do you think some one is going to give you 4$ for one survey.
3.Reputation on whole internet is bad.
4.i could hear little bit that some one got paid they are lucky.
My Story With awsurvey scam website
 I joined this survey website when i was begineer and was not knowing about this website. This website was promising a great money via paypal. But awsurvey is promising only on it's website not really in paying money. i could make atleast 70$ on this websiste and after then i tried to log in to awsurevey but it turend me down and could never log in to the website. And my easy earned money remained over there forever in a scam website. After then i started searching a lot about aswsurey is scam or not? I could find a great number of people unsatisfied with this website.
Buzz on internet about awsurvey a scam or not.
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