Friday, November 13, 2009

blogvertise a scam or legite

Description about the blogvertise-
It is a website where a blogger can make money by his blogging practice. You need to have at least 1 blog to join it. if your blog is of good quality and at least 3 months old with good post then your blog will be approved by the administrator.
How to join it?
Just click the banner below and fill up the form for sign up. you need to submit the blog and wait till approval.
Online Blogs Ads
How would you get the job?
you will get the job in assign task list page. when you approve the job provided by the administrator then you will have to do the task and submit it within limited period. The price that will paid will be mentioned over there.
When and how you get paid?
you will be paid by paypal after 1 months of your job. i.e. 1 month later from the date of job submission you will be paid in your account. Blogvertise website has no bad reputation.
see the proof of payment.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Legal real and paying websites

Hey friends i know all are looking for real websites that really pay for your work. You must believe on a blogger as what ever he would tell to your would be right.Today i would like to tell you all those websites that really pay. i won't let you to go to the website where you will be scammed.Have a faith over me. Thanks in advance for believing me.
1.The banner below is a traffic exchange website where you can exchange for traffic and get paid for referral.
Easy hits for you

2. You need to post on the website and it pay you via paypal.
for more mylot information come to the latest post.