Friday, September 4, 2009

social bookmarking and get traffic

Social bookmarking has a great importance now mainly for blogger. even you are a website owner then social bookmarking is one of the most talented and effective way to promote your website or blog.There are lot's of friends on your social network and other visitors on your profile. if you bookmark your post on any social website. then your friends will see them at least 50% of your friends would have curiosity and out of them there would be lot of friends who would like to see your website and it's new post. it will increase the traffic of your website or blog.

How much doest it cost?
it cost nothing, or it cost your times and not more than that.what is needed is to join some social network where link posting is allowed or not restricted. you must be knowing a lot's of social websites mainly for bookmarking.
and lots of others.
How can you let reader to bookmark your post on his social networking website?
there is one website which will give you all these bookmarking websites together. what is needed is to join .
when you join it and give your blog or website url it will give you code for all social bookmarking websites. when you post that code in your blog or website it will appear as a button on your blog or website. reader of your post can book mark your post to their social website and increase the traffic.
Getting traffic to your blog or to your website is one of the most important fact about the quality and importance of the website and blog. it is necessary to get traffic for your blog.
A lot of pay spammer is there on net who will increase the traffic if you pay them. but that is not so good.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

back link of google

Page rank of any blog or website is not just because of SEO. It is also related with how popular your website is with the mainly Google search engine. The majority of your page rank is determined by the back links of your website. Back link mainly with Google back link is one of the vital things. Without this you can’t increase your page rank. You might have good yahoo back link and other back link but google back link will decide whether your website or blog’s post is going to come on the top or your search engine or not?

But even in these back linking don’t dive like blind. One thing that you must keep it in your mind that each and every back link is not so important or is not going to give you that much importance. So, be cautious when you do link exchange with other websites. I would like to tell you 5 tips on how to make back link and which will be important for your website or blog.

1. Focus on back links from relevant websites or blogs:-

Google’s bot smarter and it checks each and every ting. If you linked from a relevant website that is content of that website is similar to those of yours. Then Google’s bot is going to give you more importance than other. If you have linked your blog or websites from other topic’s website then this link wouldn’t have more importance.
So, avoid link from worst or no relevance websites.

2. Avoid no follow links:-

Many sites now have the “no follow” tag which is to deter spammers from posting random links everywhere in the website. It means that a link in the website wouldn’t be considered as back link. So, there would be no benefit if you spam in that website.

3. Use anchor text for more and more traffic:-

Anchor links has become one of the most important ways to increase back link. In anchor text you put link of your website or tell the blogger to do so. This has become one of the relevant ways to increase traffic. My blog personally got pr 1 by using anchor text exchange with some blog and websites. It is really a link juice for your blog and your website.

4. try to get back link from high pr rank and good content websites:-
getting a link from high page rank websites or blogs will push your blog or website to a very high rank. As many times those websites or blog will be searched your website’s link or blog’s link will be trapped by Google’s bot which will make your blog or websites popular.

5. Try to get permanent back link for your blog or websites:-

one of the most important thing is that when you loose the back link of high pr’s back link. Then the pr of your websites or blog will fall dramatically. You will be shocked by the low fall of your pr. So, try to get permanent back link from any websites or blogs. If you buy links from link service that require a monthly subscription you run the risk of losing your links when you cancel. This will drop all your links and cause your search engine ranking to drop as well.

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