Thursday, May 14, 2009

best site to get online job

if you are looking for a best online job here and there and you are not getting any job then i tell you no one is going to you for no work. so you need to know a lot of knowledge so that you can work online. you have knowledge on website designing, logo designing, PHP, .net and data processing or web content writing then you can earn a lot of money i promise you. what you need first is a paypal account which you can make by just clicking the link. after then you click the banner below. it is a forum where you can work for others who is looking for a freelancer. they will tell in their message that how much they are going to pay for your work. if you are satisfied with the work they provided then you can bid for that work. if the buyer accept your bid then you can do work for him and you will be paid via can make account on paypal via clicking the link.

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data processing job on mylot

are you on mylot this is one of the best discussion forum where they pay 0.03$ per post and you can earn as much as possible. if you are already there then you might not have come to a new feature where you can earn more money. on mylota new feature has been launched where you can post a job or you can do a online job. they pay you via

Additional Options

those online jobs are easier and are only data processing job. some of them will be logo design some will be website searching. if you are willing to do that job then go and join to earn a lot of money and get paid via paypal.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

best ptc paying site

i got stumbled one day when i came to know about a site on it is a review site where most of the reviews are very nice and trusted. depending upon that i joined the site and started earning money. just do as per their direction. they pay you via paypal. most of the PTC site has high minimum payout which you can't reach or if reached then you shall that that PTC site has been closed. but fortunately i got one best PTC site which has no minimum payout and pay via paypal. i hope you will enjoy this ptc site. what you need is to create a paypal account it you have then it is ok. and then join this site by clicking this banner. you will start earning today.

online data entry job

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you might be searching for data entry job day per day. but you are not getting any job. i can tell you it is very tough to get a good site that really have data entry job. i have one site that pay you for data entry. you can do your job easily with little effort. it gives you 100/rupees for sign up support and 5/rupees for each referral. it's minimum payout is 2000/rupees. i loved the website too much. i hope that you would also like this website for the link below to join the website.
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